The eco lifestyle is what brings forth the duty each one of us has in regard to ecology and inspires us to act responsibly. InnSpirECO is an artistic project made by two creative people – the photographer Inna CERGA and the clothing designer Mihai JANU.

InnSpirECO aims to promote and bring attention to a correct civic attitude concerning the ecological crisis, but also to the need to reuse waste in a creative way. For example, by creating outfits from recyclable materials. A project that fits perfectly in the current pandemic situation.

The project inspired the authors to create an impressive clothing collection from recyclable waste, in order to to bring awareness regarding the responsibility we have to take on the subject of ecology and to bring in solutions for a better future.

Designer Mihai JANU, a student at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, UTM, chose to work with plastic, creating a capsule collection from disposable glasses and other similar objects. The outfits were captured in a unique way by the photographer Inna CERGA, who used the territory of the ABS plant as background, the place where a large part of the waste collected within Chișinău is brought. The series of photographs is to be displayed in a photographic exhibition inside the Center of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies “ZIPhouse”, meant to raise public awareness about the ecological situation in the Republic of Moldova (for now, the exhibition is postponed due to the epidemiological situation in the country).

“Through this exhibition we want to draw attention to this alarming problem, to raise public awareness and encourage the country’s population to sort recyclable waste from household waste. We intend to show how we can reduce waste production, how to reuse it creatively and what are the benefits that come with recycling waste. We plan to organize such photographic exhibitions annually, in which young designers will be able to participate with outfits created from waste”, says Inna CERGA.

“The essence of visual creativity in fashion lies in the materialization of important ideas meant to be perceived and disseminated. A lot of social changes have been brought forward through fashion – an inexhaustible generator of ideas. The message InnSpirECO gets across is about the ecological crisis in the Republic of Moldova, the solution of which could start from public awareness and education relating to a correct civic position and attitude regarding the sorting of plastic waste and its reuse”, says Mihai JANU.

The authors of the project express sincere gratitude to Lilia OJOVAN, Irina BALICA and Dina ZAIEȚ for accepting the challenge and for getting involved in the role of models, but also to the ZIPhouse team, which agreed to host the exhibition with the participation of ABS plant collaborators, who offered a realistic entourage for the theme of the project.

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