FrancoForum: UTM partnership, francophone bilingual classes and APFM

One of UTM’s fundamental views is that collaborations based on authenticity and strategic principles are essential for the auspicious functioning and development of all interested partners and have a significant role in improving their overall efficiency and success. The revitalization of Francophonie within UTM has become one of its strategic objectives – the continuity of francophone education for young people taking bilingual classes is ensured through initiating sustainable partnerships between the pre-university and university environment.

For this purpose, the International Relations Service of UTM organized the FrancoForum: UTM Partnership, Francophone bilingual classes and APFM, with the aid of the francophone branches of Informatics and Food Technologies and the Center for Career Counseling and Guidance (CCOC), in partnership with the Francophone Bilingual Classes in the Republic of Moldova – an educational project supported by the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova, as well as by France, the Association of Teachers of French in Moldova (APFM) and the AUF-Moldova National Bureau.

The event was attended by Viorel BOSTAN, rector of UTM, Daniela POJAR, vice-rector of TUM, His Excellency Graham PAUL, the Ambassador of the French Republic to Moldova, Olesea CIOBANU, senior consultant at the Directorate of Policies in Higher Education within the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova, Ghenadie RÂBACOV, project coordinator of Francophone Bilingual Classes, Cristina ENICOV, president of APFM, Claudia VIȘAN, director of BN AUF-Moldova, Elena MUTRUC, Customer Success manager at Pentalog Chișinău, the representatives of the French Alliance of the Republic of Moldova, CCOC, the UTM administration, the directors of the 8 Francophone bilingual high schools in the Republic of Moldova, as well as students of schools and universities.

The forum was organized in cooperation with Nina PUȚUNTEAN, senior specialist for International Programs, responsible for francophone projects, and Daniela ISTRATI, representative of the Francophone “Informatics” Branch within FCIM UTM.

Through these collaboration agreements, we want to involve students in practical joint activities, to provide them with the opportunity to work together with the business environment, as well as to revitalize exact sciences taught in French, with the support of both national and international partners.

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