Known for her innovative ideas in clothing manufacturing for premature babies, but also for being the creator of the first clothing brand for babies, Victoria Cojocari DANILA, lecturer at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy of the Technical University of Moldova, teamed up with her colleague, professor Stela BALAN, and with Dr. Eng. Antonela CURTEZA from the „Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iași, Romania, Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management, and participated together at the International Technical-Scientific Conference “New Technologies in the Study and Production Process”, organized remotely by Ryazan Institute for Educational Development (Рязанский Институт Развития Образования).

The first work, titled “Requirements for textile materials for functional clothing for premature babies”, highlighted important issues with respect to the choice of materials for this purpose, as it is an extremely complex and meticulous process – it must be borne in mind that children’s clothing is made of light-colored fabrics, which can be easily washed and which gives clothes an attractive appearance. For premature babies, only materials that can be boiled during washing are used. The materials must be soft and light, and the hygiene and safety indicators must meet the requirements. Such materials are organic cotton, linen with improved properties, wool, lyocell fibers, etc.

The second paper with the topic “Modern educational technologies integrated into engineering education”, focuses on the intellectual development of engineers. The task of modern educators is to prepare students for the conditions of Industry 4.0, which will bring reduction of personal communication and relationships between people.

The university aims to develop students’ ability to learn and not just to gather knowledge. The student should strive to discover and develop his intellectual and creative skills, through constant work and desire to know, explore and adapt. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills become valuable ​​only when students realize their importance within subsequent professional activities. The main task of the faculty is to teach subjects that arouse the student’s desire to know. Therefore, the content of the educational process should include knowledge that contributes to the integral formation of the student’s personality.

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