The Administrative Board, subordinated to the Senate, ensures operative management of the university.

Administrative Board is established under the Education Law, the Standard Statute of Higher university education institution from Moldova developed by the Ministry of Education and Youth of Moldova and the of TUM University Charter.



Permanent Members:
1.Bostan ViorelDoctor habilitate, Rector – President of the Administrative
2.Andronic SergheiAssociate professor, Ph.D. in technical sciences, Vice-Rector for Didactic Activity, Vice President of the Administrative
3.Bernic MirceaDoctor habilitate, University Professor, Vice Rector on Research and
4.Bugaian LarisaDoctor habilitate, University Professor, Vice Rector on Financial Problems and International
5.Turcanu DinuVice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and
6.Nistiriuc PavelAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Electronics and
7.Gropa VictorAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Energetics and Electrical
8.Cartofeanu VasileAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of the Faculty Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and
9.Balmus IonAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Computers, Informatics and
10.Resitca VladislavAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Food
11.Nistor-Lopatenco LiviaAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Constructions, Geodesy and
12.Bulgaru ValentinaAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Textile and
13.Bejan SergiuAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Urbanism and
14.Ciloci RafaelAssociate professor, PhD, Dean of Faculty Economic Engineering and
15.Rusu SpiridonAssociate professor, PhD, Scientific Secretary of the
16.Vengher DumitruDirector of the Technical
17.Balan StelaAssociate professor, PhD, Secretary of the Administrative
18.Cirja Ana-MariaStudent, President of the Student Senate, Faculty Textile and 
Invited Members:
19.Girlea SvetlanaHead of the Finance and Accounting
20.Stratan ZinaidaDirector of the Technical Scientific
21.Zaporojan SergiuHead of Scientific Investigation
22.Lucinschi TatianaHead of Service International
23.Pojar DanielaHead of Resource Management
24.Siminiuc RodicaHead of Doctoral and Postdoctoral
25.Chetroi VasileInterim Head of Information Technologies and Communications
26.Covaci SergiuResponsible for Blocks of Studies and Student
27.Gulco VeaceslavDirector of the Research Centre Scientific-technical and Implementation of Advanced Technologies in the National Economy “Etalon”
28.Ceban GheorgheHead of Information Sector, Professional Orientation and Training of Students’ Contingent,
29.Pocaznoi IonPresident of the Trade Union Organization of TUM
30.Alexei AnatolPresident of the Trade Union Committee,
32.Vitalie StoianBrigadier General, Head of the Military

Secretary of the Administrative Board Assoc. Prof., Dr. Stela Balan. Administrative Board gathers in regular session twice a month in the composition of the permanent members (nr. 1-19).  Invited members of the Administrative Board (nr. 20-34) will be invited to participate in the Board meetings with corresponding topics to the job description.