UTM will implement a new project funded through the Jean Monnet program

EACEA made public the results of the 2019 selection under the Jean Monnet program. One of the projects selected is “Sustainable industrial development in the context of European integration”, submitted by Cornelia Crucerescu, PhD, associate professor, Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business.

The Jean Monnet activities are designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European education worldwide. These activities can also foster dialogue between the academic world and policymakers, particularly in order to strengthen EU policies governance. European studies include studies of Europe wholly, with a special focus on European integration, both inside the EU and outside the EU. The discipline also covers the role of the EU in a globalized world and in promoting active European citizenship, as well as the dialogue between people and cultures.

One of Jean Monnet’s activities is research and teaching, which involves courses, modules or research in the field of European studies. Specifically within this activity, UTM was selected for the implementation of the project “Sustainable industrial development in the context of European integration”. The FIEB team of UTM considers deepening the knowledge of Cycle II Master’s students, in reference to European Union’s strategies in the field of sustainable industrial development.

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