TUM receives a book donation from Dr. Liviu JALBA

Right before the start of a new academic year, the Technical University of Moldova received a book donation from the researcher and entrepreneur Dr. Liviu JALBA, CEO of the company “Microelectronica” in Bucharest. The valuable gift was sent by one of his good friends, Igor MUNTEANU – a politician, a diplomat, but also a professor who studied in Chișinău, Bucharest and Harvard.

The donation includes a number of books in the field of physics and mathematics, and among their authors is Liviu JALBA, a well-known figure in the field of Romanian electronics. Mr. Jalba is a visionary entrepreneur with Bessarabian origins, who is convinced that the rebirth of the university as a whole, in addition to the recovery of the public education and scientific rigor after the decline it suffered in recent years, must become the #1 priority within the reforms carried out in the public and private systems of public education.

In fact, Mr. Jalba intends to continue donating to other universities in the Republic of Moldova: “I want these books to reach every place in which there’s desire for knowledge and all serious institutions which promote science and culture – the only ones that save us from ignorance and poverty.”

The rector of TUM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, expressed his sincere gratitude and respect for this generous gesture, mentioning that Mr. Jalba is expected at TUM whenever he wants to honor us with his presence.

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