Yesterday, November 9, 2020, during the National Youth Awards Gala, 2020 edition, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research awarded the most deserving young people and youth organizations in the Republic of Moldova. Among the young people who received trophies, diplomas and cash prizes was the representative of the Technical University of Moldova, doctoral student Nicolai ABABII, university lecturer, Department of Microelectronics and Medical Engineering, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics.

After being invited on stage, Nicolai ABABII mentioned that the “White Nights” Award, which was given to him, has a very suggestive name in relation to his research activity, in which he has been involved since he was a student, from his 2nd year of university, under the guidance of prof., Dr. Oleg LUPAN. He was suggested to get involved in research in the field of nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, nanosensors – fields that impressed him and to which he dedicated many days and nights. His project is based on a more specific topic of research: how humidity influences certain parameters of sensors – gas sensors for hydrogen or volatile organic compounds. The results of this project are expected to be implemented in medicine, namely in the development of medical devices, as well as in microelectronics and environmental monitoring, to ensure the safest possible conditions for citizens. In this context, he mentioned that the project has little chances of being continued in the Republic of Moldova, and involving as many young people as possible could contribute to the elaboration and further winning of large-scale projects, entailing specific concrete products, which are one hundred percent “made in Moldova”.

“Most ideas come from young people – they, the ambitious youth, come with various strategies and proposals, and we, researchers, are always open to implement prospective ideas,” said the Laureate of the National Youth Award, category “White Nights”, Nicolai ABABII.

Aiming to increase the importance of the activity among the youth, stimulate creative thinking, promote innovative experiences, and motivate human resources in the youth sector for self-education and development, the event concluded with the awarding of National Youth Awards to the following winners:

  1. The youth specialist of the year 2020 within the Local Public Administration Authorities of level II – Rodica CAZACU, 12 thousand lei;
  2. Youth Worker of the Year 2020 – Dumitru JURAVELI, 12 thousand lei;
  3. Youth Center of 2020 – Ungheni District Youth Center, 20 thousand lei;
  4. Local Youth Council of 2020 – Soroca District Youth Council, 15 thousand lei;
  5. First steps – the Public Association ”Camera Tinerilor Antreprenori – JCI Ungheni” (“Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs – JCI Ungheni”), 15 thousand lei;
  6. Perpetuum mobile – the Public Association “Moldovan Club of Intellectual Games”, 15 thousand lei;
  7. With love for the homeland – the Public Association “ACASĂ LA PUHĂCENI” (“AT HOME IN PUHĂCENI”), 15 thousand lei;
  8. I love my country – People for People / Collective Initiative against COVID-19, 15 thousand lei;
  9. Student community – Association of Medical Students and Residents of Moldova, 15 thousand lei;
  10. Free spirit – Andrei DRUȚĂ, 10 thousand lei;
  11. White nights – Nicolai ABABII, 10 thousand lei.

The event was attended by MECC officials: the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, Ivan GHEORGHIU; the State Secretary for Education, Natalia GRÎU; State Secretary for Culture, Andrei CHISTOL; international partners and civil society representatives.

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