The strengthening of the internationalization process was in continuous development at UTM during the 2019-2020 academic year – particularly through the promotion of UTM’s image and the participation in educational and research projects, financially supported by Erasmus+, AUF, CEEPUS, NATO, etc.

The summary of the internationalization achievements includes:

  • Conclusion of 35 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements with higher education institutions abroad and 26 Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreements with universities in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania, on the basis of which mobility projects were carried out funded by the European Commission.
  • 36 students benefited from international mobility:
    • 26 students went on half-year mobility programs to universities in the European Union, within the Erasmus+ projects, and other 10 – within the academic exchange programs AUF, CEEPUS.
    • 63 Master students from FCIM, FIEB, FEIE, FTA were selected to carry out the provisions of the Double Diploma Agreement with the “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania. Another 26 Master students from “Ștefan cel Mare” University in Suceava, Romania, were selected to pursue Double Diploma studies at UTM.
  • Teachers benefited from 32 “outgoing” mobility programs, funded by the Erasmus+ and AUF programs.
  • UTM hosted 11 “incoming” mobility programs, funded by the Erasmus+ program.
  • Through other programs, 16 “outcoming” mobility scholarships were offered, which 11 teachers and 5 students benefited from.
  • Within the CEEPUS III program, through the 12 CEEPUS networks, for which UTM is a partner, the results achieved were:
    • 14 “outgoing” mobility programs – with the involvement of 9 teachers and 5 students;
    • 8 “incoming” mobility programs – with 6 teachers and 2 students from European countries.
  • The following achievement included the implementation of 5 projects funded by the Erasmus+ program: “Introduction of problem-based learning in Moldova: To increase the competitiveness of students and their employment opportunities – PBLMD”, “Bachelor and professional Master Degree for development, administration, management, systems protection of computer networks in Moldovan enterprises, Kazakhstan, Vietnam – LMPI”, “Elevating the internationalization of higher education in the Republic of Moldova – ELEVATE”, “Strengthening the research management and Open Science capacities of higher education institutions in Moldova and Armenia – MINERVA”, eTwinning.
  • UTM initiated 4 projects funded by the Erasmus+ program: MHELM, GeoBIZ and Spring (key action 2) and EU4SID (Jean Monnet action).
  • The Anglophone Branch (FCIM) and the Francophone Branch “Informatics” (FCIM) and “Food Technologies” (FTA) have been actively involved in various international programs, including mobility ones.
  • The international image of UTM was also improved through attracting foreign students, the number of which reached 98 on July 1, 2020.
  • During the year, representatives of universities from abroad visited UTM in order to initiate collaborative relationships and develop proposals for educational and research projects in various fields.

The achievements of the 2019-2020 academic year indicate a significant increase in international activities. The international university environment and the signed Collaboration Agreements create multiple opportunities for capitalizing on the already existing potential, but also attracting new participants in achieving the internationalization objectives of UTM.

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