IAW is modernizing the DIIS-FCIM Embedded Systems Laboratory

A new partnership has been established by signing the collaboration agreement with the German non-profit organization IAW Internationale Akademie für Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V., which for several years has been collaborating with UTM to organize internships for FCIM Bachelor and Master students in companies in Germany.

According to the Collaboration Agreement, with the purpose of improving the study conditions in order to fit the requirements of the industry, IAW and its partners organized the modernization of the Embedded Systems Laboratory within DIIS – Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM).

– The equipment will allow the realization of laboratory activities in the disciplines related to the design of microcontroller systems, embedded systems, etc., but also the organization of training in the field for all interested, both in the laboratory and remotely, said the head of DIIS, associate professor, Dr. Viorica SUDACEVSCHI,

The donation is part of a long-term project, through which the IAW Internationale Akademie and the group of companies strive for technical development in other directions also.

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