Today, more than 120 high school graduates from the capital and different localities throughout the country visited the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics in the online environment, this being the first of the long-awaited series of meetings within the Open Doors Days at UTM.

Interested in continuing their studies at this highly requested faculty within the only engineering higher education institution in our country – the Technical University of Moldova, the students were curious to meet the dean Dumitru CIORBĂ, the FCIM professors, represented today by the heads of various study programs – Ion FIODOROV (“Software Engineering and Automatics”), Viorica SUDACEVSCHI (“Computer Science and Systems Engineering”), Sergiu RAILEAN (“Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies”), but also the secretary of the UTM Admission Committee from whom they received the invitation to the event, Radu MELNIC, professor at FCIM.

Even if FCIM is a very well-known faculty among high school students, it was incredibly useful and elucidative for them to find out various details regarding the studies, such as the differences between the specialties “Information Technology” and “Software Engineering”, the living conditions in the dorms, or the benefits of academic mobility.

Perhaps, the experience and first impression from today’s tour will be the first step they’re going to recall when retrospectively looking back at their journey of advancing in their chosen field – IT.

Tomorrow, we meet online at the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering!

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