Alexandru Halmagea graduated from the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, the specialty “Automation and Informatics”, class of 2019. Since the summer of 2018, he is employed as a PLC engineer within the company ISD – Inther Software Development – part of inthergroup, which provides logistics solutions for world-renowned companies.

The company from the Republic of Moldova specializes in software development, the department he’s part of being particularly focused on industrial controllers – PLCs. It aims to automate logistics processes in large warehouses, which involves the development of software for controlling conveyors, sorting lines and storage of various products. Thanks to the knowledge obtained at the university, but also the tenacity to learn on the go, he manages to synchronize processes and ensure an error-free operation for hundreds of hours continuously. All these engineering efforts are made so that the online orders of clients are served on time.

Alexandru urges high-school graduates who are facing the decision of making a choice for their professional future to turn their attention to the study programs within UTM. For him, it was “Automatics and Informatics”, within FCIM, the specialty that now ensures his future.

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