Between February 10th and 14th, 2020, a study visit took place at the University of Glouchester, UK, as part of the MHELM project. The study visit was attended by representatives of six higher education institutions in Moldova, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. Viorel Bostan, rector of UTM, the vice-rectors: Larisa Bugaian and Dinu Țurcanu, Daniela Pojar, head of the Resource Management Department, as well as Rafael Ciloci, FIEB dean, participated in the study visit from UTM.

During the visit, David Dawson presented the training program of the university management implemented by UoG, mentioning the objectives, structure, teaching methodology, as well as the impact of the program on the university management. Stephen Marston, vice chancellor of the UoG, spoke about the training program from the point of view of the top managers, Jocelyne Fleming presented the approaches in determining the needs regarding the design and delivery of the training program, and David James, the dean of Academic Development, presented the History of leadership development at UoG. Meenakshi Sharma, manager of organizational change and staff development at UoG spoke about the impact of the training program on UoG’s ability to change. David Dawson presented the Qualifications and Leadership Skills Framework in Higher Education (HELQS): defining, training, mentoring and assessing its impact, and Maz McAleer spoke about the student experience in the HELM program. The question and answer session about HELQS was moderated by John Hepworth, senior lecturer in human resources management, Sue Williams, senior lecturer in human resource development, and David Dawson.

During the visit, representatives of the Moldovan Universities discussed the objectives, possible ways of organizing and the contents of the future training program. The discussions were moderated by Larisa Bugaian, national project coordinator, David Dawson, UoG coordinator and Philippa Ward, lecturer in UoG Services Marketing.

On the last day of the visit there was also the project management meeting, in order to coordinate subsequent activities, delegate responsibilities and plan actions for the project.

The MHELM project is implemented with EU support through the Erasmus+ program.

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