State distinction titles for UTM teachers

The head of state, Igor Dodon, handed out, during an official ceremony, several state distinctions to the teachers of the Technical University of Moldova, a Decree (no. 360) being published in the “Official Monitor” on December 31st, 2019.

Congratulating them for the work done in the development of the university education, for the substantial contribution to the training of the highly qualified specialists and for the prodigious methodological-scientific activity, the head of state handed the awards:

Decree “Gloria Muncii” (“Glory of Work”) – to university professor Anatol BALANUȚĂ; the vice-rectors Mircea BERNIC and Dinu ȚURCANU; the university lecturers Nicolae CIOBANU and Tatiana SANDUȚA.

Medal “Meritul Civic” (“Civic Merit”) – to the deans Rafael CILOCI, Sergiu DÂNTU, Vladislav REȘITCA; department heads Veaceslav BÂRDAN and Valeriu PODBORSCHI.

The Title of Honor  “Om emerit” – to vice-rector Larisa BUGAIAN and the university professor Ion SOBOR.

These distinctions are conclusive evidence that work done with dedication and the exceptional results obtained over the years are always appreciated. Congratulations, dear teachers and colleagues! Per aspera ad astra!

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