On November 9th and 16th, 2019, the students of the fourth year from the specialties “Information security” and “Information technologies”, the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of UTM, together with the university lecturer Svetlana GHETMANCENCO and the university assistant Cristina BODOGA, participated in two practical workshops organized by the company ENDAVA.

The first workshop focused on the Agile Scrum methodology. According to this methodology, each iteration involves the teams in complete software development cycles. Thus, the ENDAVA mentors divided the students into teams, involving them in various practical activities. In the planning session, for example, they identified the sprint tasks, splitting the necessary responsibilities for the sprint goal. Each sprint ended with a progress review meeting, identifying the steps (lessons) for the next Sprint. Within each sprint, teams created finite parts of the finite product.

During the second practical workshop on “Software Testing”, the students had the task of testing an application according to the standards used by the company ENDAVA. They have been involved in all the testing processes of an IT product: identification of test scenarios for a certain number of application functionalities, design of test cases, verification of the software product’s compliance with the user-identified requirements, identification of software errors and their causes, isolation and fixing / correcting defects, etc.

At the end of the two workshops, the students shared their impressions:

– The new ENDAVA center is a new, modern, spacious, accessible, pleasant and warm building, where the students felt welcomed and comfortable. The specialists of the company were very kind, attentive and responsible, sharing their own experience at ENDAVA with the students. The practical exercises were similar to the activities performed daily by the employees of the company, so we could say that, among them, we felt, both students and teachers, part of this renowned company. Thank you, ENDAVA, for this beautiful practical experience.

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