Yesterday, in the spacious Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, the Technical University of Moldova and the famous mobile phone company Orange signed a long-term partnership.

Orange Moldova thus becomes a strategic partner for the Technical University of Moldova. In this context, the rector of UTM, prof. and dr. Viorel BOSTAN, pointed out that the Technical University of Moldova is very honored to register this partnership with the prestigious Orange company, which presents an essential support for the development of both the scientific-didactic process, but also for facilitating and modernizing the study process, Orange’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy being a visible investment in education.

The event was marked by the presence of the General Director of Orange Moldova – Julien DUCARROZ, who also stressed the importance of this partnership.

As a sign of high appreciation of his merits in promoting and supporting engineering higher education in the Republic of Moldova, he was awarded the highest distinction of UTM – “Badge of Honor”.

Honored by the prestigious distinction of the Technical University of Moldova, Julien DUCARROZ underlined the essential role of UTM in providing qualified professionals with the business environment: “40% of the employees of the “Orange” company are UTM graduates! It is precisely that much needed bridge between a university and a company oriented towards the same field / activity sphere. Together, we will continue to implement ambitious projects for the development of digital education and the skills of young specialists. We have promising plans and we are ready to carry them out.”

The event was attended by students from different faculties, especially the elite students, that registered the best results throughout the year, but also numerous teachers.

Sincere thanks to the general director of Orange, Julien DUCARROZ, for openness and involvement, but also to the members company who are always with us – Victoria MUSTEAȚĂ, Olga SURUGIU, Sergiu POSTICĂ, Andrei PREAȘCĂ and to many other enthusiasts, who are always supporting us unconditionally and together with which we managed to direct events and create collaborations.

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