The trade union committee of the Technical University of Moldova congratulates the employees on the occasion of the professional holiday – the day of the education worker, which is celebrated on October 5th of each year.

This Day is an event, which comes to record your importance in the educational system of the Republic of Moldova.

You need to be proud of this fact, not to undermine your role in society, because your contribution is huge and deserves to be appreciated. Each of you, in his activity, has made and still strives to make a great effort to the extent of his obligations in the Technical University of Moldova.

We wish you good luck in the professional field and a proper appreciation in society.

In October we celebrate 55 years since the establishment of the Trade Union Organization, which took place in 1964.

On this occasion, we congratulate all the union members for the spirit of solidarity, and the union leaders, who are active / were active in the UTM, mentioned with the MERIT DIPLOMA of the Union Committee.


President of the Trade Union Committee of employees, associate professor, dr.

October 3rd, 2019.

Trade union leaders – members of the employees’ trade union committee of the Technical University of Moldova mentioned with the MERIT DIPLOMA:

  1. Oberşt Ala, PhD, FIEB
  2. Istrati Daniela, univ. lect., FCIM
  3. Sorochin Serafima, lect. as., FET
  4. Ursu Elena, univ. lect., FTP
  5. Ursu Viorica, associate professor, PhD, FCGC
  6. Chilari Oleg, univ. lect., FUA
  7. Rotaru Igor, univ. lect., FIMIT
  8. Untila Lucia, head of the secretariat
  9. Dobrea Ina, univ. lect., FEIE
  10. Şchiopu Victoria, chief of service, BTŞ
  11. Corcodel Ion, professor, Technical College
  12. Zagoreţ Marina, department head, DT
  13. Golovaci Mariana, Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages
  14. Prozorov Veaceslav, Lecturer, Department of Physical Education and Sports
  15. Ababaii Valentina, Head of Production, CDMP
  16. Terentii Elena, Head of Section, DSAS
  17. Olaru Efim, associate professor, PhD, pres. CSSM
  18. Uşanlî Demian, associate professor, PhD, FIMIT
  19. Cobzac Victor, FIMIT

Former members of the Trade Union Committee:

  1. Gremalschi Anatol, univ. prof., Dr.hab.
  2. Ţurcan Nicolae, associate professor, PhD, FIEB
  3. Mamaliga Vasile, associate professor, PhD, FIEB
  4. Pogora Victor, associate professor, PhD., FEIE
  5. Bejan Serghei, dean FUA, associate professor, dr.
  6. Cobuscean Ion, associate professor, PhD, FUA
  7. Taranenco Anatol, department head, associate professor, PhD, FCGC
  8. Sanduţa Tatiana, associate professor, PhD, FCGC
  9. Ţurcan Constantin, pensioner, FET
  10. Surunceanu Alexandru, univ. as., FIEB
  11. Dîntu Serghei, dean FIMIT, associate professor, dr.
  12. Melnicov Zinaida, Department of Physical Education and Sports
  13. Olaru Valentin, univ. as., FCIM
  14. Ţurcan Iulia, pensioner, FTA
  15. Siroș Neonila, retired, FTP
  16. Cernev Olga, BTŞ
  17. Vascan Elena, buffet, CDMP
  18. Filipov Emilia, retired, DT
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