Officials from the Republic of Moldova, world-renowned scientists, researchers, physicists, chemists, electronics experts, doctors, nanotechnology specialists and biomedical engineers from over 20 states around the world, planned to meet on September 18-21, at ICNBME-2019 , thus reconfirming the aim of the largest international scientific forum in the fields of nanotechnologies and biomedical engineering, organized in Chișinău, to promote the exchange of information on the latest theoretical achievements and applications in the fields of nano and bio science congruence.

Underlining the importance of this large-scale scientific event, the Minister of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, Liliana NICOLAESCU-ONOFREI, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the current edition, the fourth year of the forum. Mrs Liliana thanked the organizers for their efforts and expressed her confidence that the exchange of knowledge and experience will have a beneficial impact on the development of science in the Republic of Moldova. “The NanoMedTwin Autumn School”, which preceded this forum, as well as the ICNBME, are some of the opportunities offered by the Orizont 2020 program, which opens a new door for fundamental and applied research in Moldova, opportunities that must be used through. At the same time, the minister mentioned that this is an unprecedented opportunity for young researchers, with an impressive participants’ number for this forum, an aspect that denotes the interest of the young generation for the areas addressed in the conference. The minister wanted the participants to fully enjoy the opportunities offered by this international scientific forum, the exchange of experience, the exhibited presentations, and, to the guests – to have a productive and pleasant stay in the Republic of Moldova.

S.E. Masanobu YOSHII, the Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Moldova: “For me, as an Ambassador, it is very important how Japan can contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova. Japan, like the RM, is not so rich in natural resources. But we have very valuable human resources. Therefore, we must develop and capitalize on the human potential we have and create development strategies”. The head of the Japanese diplomatic mission expressed appreciation to the Technical University of Moldova and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for the opportunity to exchange opinions regarding the development of scientific cooperation, emphasizing that nanotechnologies and biochemistry are two very important fields for his country. Mr Yoshii expressed openness for the development of collaborative relations between the universities of Japan and the Republic of Moldova through academic mobility, exchanges of students and teachers.

Prof. Masakazu KIMURA, Vice President of the University of Shizuoka, Japan, thanked the organizers for the invitation to the forum, but also for those who contributed to the smooth progress of the “NanoMedTwin” Autumn School. Being for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, he was very impressed by the nature of our country, but also by the beautiful traditions of our people. The scientist expressed a special interest in developing partnership relations with his colleagues from the Republic of Moldova, underlining, in context, the efficient collaboration that Shizuoka University has with UTM and AȘM, which he wishes to make use of by signing, within the Conference, a collaboration agreement with these research institutions.

Acad. Ion Tighineanu, president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, thanked all the participants for attending the 4th edition of the International Conference in the field of Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering, and expressed gratitude for the involvement of scientists from abroad. Special appreciation was addressed to the scientists from Japan, Germany, Great Britain, but also from the Republic of Moldova, who also participated in the Autumn School. “There are events that have a special impact both on the development of science in our country and on the training process of the staff. I believe that this exchange of information and of the latest results will be beneficial for our researchers, considering we do not always have the opportunity to go to other countries to participate in such large forums. Thank you, teachers. It is a great contribution not only for the development of science, but also for the education in our country”, remarked the president of the AȘM.


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