As we previously announced, among the best students of higher education institutions in the Republic of Moldova who will receive, in the year of studies 2019-2020, the Republic’s scholarship worth 1,525 lei, the Government scholarship – 1 270 lei per month and the President’s Scholarship – 1,385 lei, there are 9 students of the Technical University of Moldova. The government approved today, September 11, the lists of merit students.

With feelings of appreciation, we bring back to the public attention the names of those who honor us by their exceptional results in studies and extracurricular activities:

Republic’s Grant:

  • SĂNDUȚĂ Stanislav, Computers, 4th year;
  • TISEEVA Mariana, Industrial Design, 3rd year.

Government’s Grant:

  • CURMEI Daniel, Computers, 4th year;
  • BODIU Victoria, Biomedical Systems Engineering, 4th year;
  • PÂNZARU Victor, Constructions and Civil Engineering, 4th year;
  • MELNIC Alexandrina, Industrial Clothing Design, 4th year;
  • GONCEAR Nichita, Robotics and Mechatronics, 3rd year;

RM President’s Grant:

  • UNGUREANU Valeria, Computers, 4th year;
  • DIACENCO Margareta, Software Engineering, 4th year.

Congratulations and good luck, dear merit scholars!

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