At UTM, the cyber security training for teachers in schools and high schools has started in the Erasmus+ project “Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in development, administration, management, protection of computer systems and networks in companies of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Vietnam – LMPI”. The first 50 teachers enrolled in the course will participate in four training modules during September, this training being free of charge for them.

The course is hosted by the Center for Research and Training in the field of Cyber ​​Security (CCISC) within FCIM, and at its inauguration, on September 7th, the participants were greeted by Angela PRISACARU, the General Education Directorate, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research; Dinu ȚURCANU, Rector of UTM for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication; Victor BEȘLIU, national coordinator of the LMPI project from UTM; Dumitru CIORBĂ, dean of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, UTM; Ion FIODOROV, head of the Department of Software and Automatic Engineering; Rodica BULAI, head of the Information Security program and FCIM professors Victor MORARU and Aureliu ZGUREANU, responsible for the LMPI project.

The first module – “Introduction to Cyber Security” was delivered the same day, starting with a comprehensive presentation on “Challenges of Information Technologies and Information Security”, in which Professor Dinu ȚURCANU, as a trainer, highlighted the main types of cyber attacks, elements related to attackers’ motivations, as well as notions aimed at increasing the degree of specialization of the trainees in the field of information security. Also, the participants were involved in testing the level of awareness of the dangers posed by cyber threats: when and how can the cyber environment become a risk factor?

In the next three weekends, the course audiences will follow the modules “Audit of information security”, “Cryptographic methods in information protection” and “Management of information security”. Each module will include 30 hours: 16 hours of direct contact and 14 hours of self-training, with the granting of a credit point (1 ECTS). The full course can be taken, or one of the modules. At the end of each module, a participation certificate will be granted, which will include the module name, the number of hours and the number of ECTS awarded.

The 50 participants in the course represent a number of institutions from various localities of the republic: the Agricultural Technical College of Soroca, the Medical College of Bălți, the Technical College of UTM, the Center of Excellence in Energy and Electronics, the College of Music and Pedagogy of Bălți, “Iu. Hasdeu” college from Cahul, Center of Excellence in Light Industry, DITS Călărași, “Prometeu-Prim” High School of Creativity and Invention, Chișinău, Cruglic Theoretical High School, TL “V. Alecsandri” from Călărași, TL “P. Rareș” from Chisinau, TL “M. Kogălniceanu” from Chișinău, TL “I. Creangă” from Chișinău, TL Ignăței, TL “A. Agapie” from Pepeni, Sângerei, TL “Gh. Palade” from Puhoi, Ialoveni, TL „D. Cantemir” from Bălti, TL “Vasile Coroban” from Glodeni, TL “Principesa Natalia Dadiani” from Chișinău, TL “Liviu Deleanu” from Chișinău, TL “Alexandrul cel Bun” from Rezina, TL “M. Basarab” from Basarabeasca, TL “A. Pushkin” from the town Anenii Noi, IP Gymnasium in Milești, Gymnasium Zăicani, Gymnasium “Regele Mihai” in Cimișeni, Gymnasium “M. Eminescu” from Ulmu, Ialoveni, IP Lucașeuca Gymnasium, Orhei, Criuleni, HERITAGE International School, CR of professional education development, Vocational school from Drochia, Vocational school no. 3 from Chișinău.

Launched on October 16, 2016, the LMPI project is funded with the support of the European Union, under the Erasmus+ program, and is due to end on October 16, 2019.

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