During July 1-6, 2019, the delegation of UTM, accompanied by representatives of GIZ Moldova (Constantin Enciu, national consultant, and Ion Gore, Romanian-German-Romanian translator) visited Berlin, Erfurt and Frankfurt, Germany, to study the experience of educational institutions, centers of research and technology transfer in the field of management of water, environment and energy efficiency of buildings.

The delegation of UTM was formed of assoc. prof. dr. Valentin Amariei, head of Continuous Training Directorate; dr. Sergiu Bejan, dean of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture; dr. Ruslan Bordos, head of the Department of Roads, Materials and Machines for Constructions; dr. Rodion Ciupercă, head of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering; dr. Ion Ioneţ, Department of Heat, Water, Gas Supply and Environmental Protection; dr. Victor Gropa, dean of the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering; alongside students of the fourth year, specialty “Water Engineering and Environmental Protection” Daniela Rusu and Victoria Ciuş.

During the visit, there were presented the results of the trainings, research, technological transfer, continuous training in the field of water management, collection, treatment and use of pluvial waters carried out at the Technical University of Berlin (Department of Water Management and Hydrosystems Modeling), Adlershof Technological Park in Berlin.

During the visit at the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule in Erfurt – https://www.fh-erfurt.de/fhe/en/), there was presented the dual training experience at the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, the training of students from other countries, the equipped study rooms, the functioning of the library and the nutrition service for the students.

Along with the study of water management experience and environmental protection, a lot of attention was paid to studying the experience of using renewable energy resources, constructive solutions to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings with modern engineering facilities, including photovoltaic panels, solar batteries, ventilation systems, etc.

The schedule for visiting Frankfurt included thematic tours guided by the delegate representative of the Frankfurt Architecture Association, who showed the original architectural solutions made in the reconstruction of the historical heritage destroyed as a result of the Second World War, while ensuring the energy efficiency of buildings, environmental protection and a comfortable way of living.

In the discussions with the representatives of the institutions visited in Germany, the willingness to cooperate with UTM in areas of common interest: training, research, academic mobility under the Erasmus+ program and other EU cooperation programs was expressed.

The visit of the UTM delegation was organized with the support of the project “Modernizing Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova” (MSPL), implemented by the International Cooperation Agency of Germany (GIZ Moldova).

The project “Modernizing Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova” (MSPL) is implemented by the International Cooperation Agency of Germany (GIZ) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and of the Environment of the Republic of Moldova and financially supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the European Union, the Government of Romania, the Government of Sweden and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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