The top 10 graduates of the Bachelor’s programs, valedictorians of 2020, were awarded today by the rector of the Technical University of Moldova , prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, and the vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, Dinu ȚURCANU, outdoors, while keeping the social distance.

The names of the 10 valedictorians of 2020 were spoken in a festive manner, with much consideration:

Vladimir VĂRZARU – FET, Telecommunications Engineering and Management, gr. IMTC-161, average mark – 9.72;

Irina APOSTOL – FEIE, Energy Engineering and Management, gr. IME-161, average mark – 9.61;

Irina BURAC – FCIM, Biomedical Systems Engineering, gr. ISBM-161, average mark – 9.86;

Alina ŞOVA – FTA, Engineering and Management in the Food Industry, gr. IMIA-161, average mark – 9.75;

Nicoleta CUŞNIR – FIMIT, Transport Engineering and Management, gr. IMT-161, average mark – 9.80;

Ecaterina LUPU – FUA, Interior Design, gr. DIN-161, average mark – 9.89;

Victoria LUNGU – FUA, Architecture, gr. ARH-141, average mark – 9.75;

Erica SECRIERU – FCGC, Construction and Civil Engineering, gr. CIC-1601, average mark – 9.79;

Sandra PRUNICI – FIEB, Marketing and Logistics, gr. ML-171, average mark – 9.93;

Mihai JANU – FTP, Industrial Fashion Design, gr. DVI-161, average mark – 9.63.

Their diplomas were handed along with a T-shirt with the UTM logo and a prize of 3000 lei each, the 10 valedictorians being congratulated for their efforts throughout their studies. Now officially engineers, the graduates, deeply moved by the appreciation and cordiality, affirmed their plans on continuing their study process for a Master’s degree at UTM. The valedictorians were surprised to learn that, in September, they will receive a laptop, free of charge, to aid them during their studies, which will eventually become theirs permanently after the defense of their Master’s theses.

In turn, the graduates expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation to the UTM administration and teachers – for the care, guidance and all the support offered during the years of study – the most beautiful period of their lives, forever remaining in their hearts.

Organized for the first time in 2016, the Gala of the Valedictorians has reached its fifth edition, signifying a gesture of recognition and appreciation of the most deserving students, who have worked hard to obtain exceptional academic results and who will bring Alma Mater fame all over the world.

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