The Bachelor works of UTM graduates exhibited in Parliament

On the first day of July, the Technical University of Moldova launched a series of university exhibitions in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The legislature announced that, during July, the most creative university works and the most deserving students in the country will have the opportunity to display the results of their Bachelor theses here.

The exhibition of the Bachelor works of the UTM graduates was inaugurated with the creations of the graduates of the Design study programs. Eventually, the exposition will include prototypes from all study programs of all UTM faculties. UTM prepares engineers in various fields: Design and Polygraphic Technologies, Technology and Design of Textile and Garments, Fashion Design, and Industrial Design.

On the first day of the exhibition, the graduates presented book printings, 3D concepts, innovative packaging, clothing collections made through various techniques, including the use of recyclable and ecological materials, as well as folk costumes, footwear, bags, toys, pieces of furniture, such as chairs, etc.

The deputies and officials of the Parliament appreciated the students’ ingenious works. The President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, mentioned that some of the ideas will be explored by the parliamentary institution in order to be implemented. “We have talented young people, and we must promote their work and identify how the Parliament can help them,” said the head of the Legislature.

For a month, the sculptures, paintings, graphic and decorative art works, clothing and industrial works, as well as the various innovations in the fields of study of the graduates of 2022 from different educational institutions, can be viewed at the Parliament. The organization of the series of exhibitions at the parliamentary institution aims to encourage and promote academic performance. 

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