FIEB: a variety of issues addressed in the Master’s theses for “Business Administration”

The graduates of the “Business Administration” Master’s programs within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business have successfully defended their Master’s theses – a testament to their professional skills and creativity.

The theses touch on areas of study of high interest, including the application of modern research tools and some other important issues, such as: the impact of digital marketing when promoting businesses, sustainable development options, modern methods of motivating staff, ways to improve financial performance, the role of innovation and the competitive environment for the strategic development of business, etc.

A lot of the works presented were focused on the global goals of sustainable development and the national priorities in this regard, relevant to the ideas of the Erasmus+ project Jean Monnet Module action “Sustainable industrial development in the context of European integration (EU4SID)” and the national research project “Development of the mechanism for the formation of the circular economy in the Republic of Moldova”, successfully implemented at FIEB.

The theses also reflected various aspects of the EU’s experience on sustainable development, such as: integrating sustainable development into EU and Moldovan strategies; funding for research and development, including through the Horizon-Europe 2030 program, sources of funding for startups, European practices on the implementation of agrotourism; the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and intervention measures to support tourism in the EU; analysis of leasing operations in some European countries, comparative analysis of digital marketing in European companies; marketing in the construction sector in terms of sustainable development; EU experience on regional development, etc.

The examination committee highlighted several Master’s theses, including the thesis “Efficiency of university research management within the higher education institution (TUM)”, in which Master student Natalia GUDIMA conducted an advanced analysis of TUM’s results in the field of research at a national and global level, based on which the directions for streamlining research management were argued.

While studying European practices for her thesis “Sustainable development options for SA “Bucuria”, Tatiana CRETU proposed a set of measures for adjusting the company’s activity according to the principles of sustainable development, such as increasing corporate social responsibility by supporting orphans and children from socially vulnerable families and the organization of tree planting campaigns; increasing environmental responsibility by building a wastewater treatment plant, increasing energy efficiency through the use of LEDs and energy-saving equipment, and the use of photovoltaic panels to produce renewable electricity needed for the company’s operational needs.

In her thesis “Methods of analysis and diagnosis of digital marketing. Comparative case study”, Master student Arina ȚÎGANAȘ demonstrated advanced knowledge and skills in complementary fields, namely IT and Marketing. Thus, an in-depth analysis of SEO strategies and techniques was carried out in relation to projects within different markets (Republic of Moldova, Romania, Netherlands) and the practical application of digital marketing in a local enterprise by diagnosing and formulating practical recommendations already applied within the enterprise. As a result, the company will improve its brand visibility, diversify and increase customer numbers, build customer loyalty, establish the ideal customer profile and, ultimately, increase sales volume.

Master student Mihail STRONCEA presented his thesis “Application of modern technologies for motivating staff within “ATD Technologies” SRL” in French. In his work, Mihail proposed the implementation of modern technologies for motivating staff with a direct impact on increasing labor productivity and staff satisfaction.

The Master’s thesis defense committee highlighted the diversity of the researched topics, the professional skills and soft skills displayed by the graduates and their creative views in dealing with the problems of the researched economic units.

We wish you success in your professional activity, dear Masters in Economics!

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