TUM delegation visiting the University of Strasbourg

Between November 29 and December 4, 2021, a delegation of the Technical University of Moldova, consisting of the rector of TUM, univ. prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, the vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, Dinu ȚURCANU, and the head of the Francophone Branch of the “Informatics” program, Daniela ISTRATI, visits the Louis Pasteur University Institute of Technology in Schiltigheim, part of the University of Strasbourg – UNISTRA.

The TUM team was part of an extended delegation consisting of representatives from three universities in the Republic of Moldova (Technical University of Moldova, Moldova State University and State Agrarian University of Moldova), with which IUT signed collaboration agreements within the ERASMUS+ MIC project, focused on the development of student entrepreneurship.

ERASMUS+ MIC is a program concerned with the development of entrepreneurship, student mobility and training of university staff in the Republic of Moldova.

The ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Facility (MIC) provides mobility opportunities for the students and staff of partner universities through study stays, teaching and training assignments. In this context, during their stay in Strasbourg, the representatives of the three universities in the Republic of Moldova (TUM, USM, UASM) studied the strategy developed by Unistra regarding actions for supporting students interested in initiating a business start-up project.

The seminar organized on this topic focused on the transfer of knowledge and best practices to Moldovan universities, entrepreneurial dynamics being of primary interest to Moldova. The main goal of the actions is to offer students opportunities for building their professional future by starting a business and, therefore, strengthen the economic position of SMEs.

This week’s program included various activities: a presentation on the support systems for students during their entrepreneurial project, an introduction to the FabLab business incubator and a meeting with representatives of funding institutions. The working sessions consisted of exchange of best practices, as well as visits to the Halle de Technologies a IUT Louis Pasteur, the NEXTMED medical technology campus, Pôle Entreprenariat Unistra PEPITE ETENA, ACCRO – creative economy operator, Alsace Tech – promoter of the “innovons ensemble” competition, at the Ruche à Projets of the Strasbourg School of Management, BIOTECH LAB, and BPI France – a representative in the development of startups.

The participation of the France-Moldova Chamber of Commerce and Industry reinforces the reliability of the project. The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie has also supported this initiative by funding actions to promote entrepreneurship training in the Francophone branches within member universities.

This visit takes place at the invitation of Mr. Jean-Claude MILLION, professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at IUT Louis Pasteur, and the President of the Alsace Moldova Association.

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