Chișinău – Ilfov: a partnership promoting cultural and scientific values

Assoc. prof., Dr. Rodica SIMINIUC, Head of Doctorate and Postdoctoral Affairs, represented the Technical University of Moldova at the festival “Days of Chișinău in Ilfov County” – an event promoting Romanian cultural values, held in Măgurele, Romania, between October 15-16, 2021. The festival is an effort to support the consolidation of the partnership relations between Măgurele City Hall, Ilfov County and Chișinău.

The event was attended by a delegation from Chișinău, consisting of representatives of the municipal public authorities and the praetorship of the Buiucani sector, directors of pre-university and preschool institutions in the Buiucani sector, researchers and teachers from higher education institutions in Chișinău.

The festival was inaugurated at the Măgurele House of Culture in Ilfov – an event important both for capitalizing on cultural heritage and for developing and promoting science, given that Măgurele is where several Romanian leading institutions in the field of physics are located, as well as the Faculty of Physics of the University of Bucharest – an important educational component.

Narcis CONSTANTIN, the mayor of Măgurele, considers the event to have an essential role in the development of partnerships among the institutions, as several connections will be established and joint projects will be initiated.

Angela CUTASEVICI, the deputy mayor of Chișinău, regards the teachers involved in the delegation as most successful in their field of activity, claiming that “we do have something to show and share”, due to the present representatives of the institutions.

Vadim BRÎNZANIUC, the praetor of Buiucani, declared his interest in initiating a cooperation project, thus signing a cooperation agreement between the praetorship of the Buiucani sector and the Măgurele town in the Ilfov County.

The cultural program included various debate sessions between public administration representatives and teachers, during which issues related to the education system, infrastructure projects, cultural and social initiatives were discussed. The agenda of the event also included a visit to the National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering “Horia Hulubei” (IFIN-HH) in Măgurele – one of the leading science institutions in Romania, both in terms of research infrastructure, as well as research staff, thus providing more than 10% of the national scientific output. The guests from Chișinău had the opportunity to visit several laboratories of the research center, in which a wide range of research activities in fundamental and applied research is carried out, including nuclear physics and astrophysics, particle physics, life and environmental physics, theoretical physics, nuclear techniques, and advanced communication systems.

Impressed by the scientific thesaurus and the amplitude of the research works within the institute, the debates between the representatives of IFIN-HH, Măgurele City Hall, the Faculty of Physics of the University of Bucharest and the Technical University of Moldova resulted in the conclusion of partnerships in the field of scientific research, the implementation of joint research projects, exchanges of researchers, Doctoral students and Master’s students, and the agreement to develop, consolidate and implement long-range ideas in the field of research.

In the evenings, the Central Square of the Măgurele town in Ilfov hosted concerts with the artists of the orchestra “Lăutarii” from Chișinău, conducted by maestro Nicolae BOTGROS.

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