TUM inaugurated the most modern university amphitheater in the country

An extraordinary debut of the new academic year at the Technical University of Moldova – the 3-3 classroom was reopened at the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, which, after renovation, became the most modern university amphitheater in the country.

The inauguration of the newly renovated classroom was attended by representatives of the field for which FCIM prepares specialists. Among them is an older strategic partner of FCIM-TUM – the software development company AMDARIS – a service provider with offices in Chisinau (Moldova), Timisoara (Romania) and Bristol (UK). The founder and director of the company, Vlad NANU, is a graduate of TUM. Mr. Nanu finished his Bachelor’s degree in 2003 and pursued a Master’s degree in the same institution, his support being a gesture of gratitude for the university where he had his start.

The rector of TUM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, emphasized the importance of the successful completion of this university project and the evident gratitude of TUM for the support provided by the private sector, especially by AMDARIS and ATIC, who contributed consistently to TUM’s progress in recent years.

– This project was a very complex one for us, given that this room has not been renovated since its opening. With the support of AMDARIS, the facade of the building now has a new, modern look. The renovation process includes window replacement works, thermal insulation, paving of the classroom space, complete transformation of the interior, installation of a modern classroom / amphitheater sound system, installation of projection and lighting systems, access (corporate wireless) to the public Internet network, as well as a lot of other interesting technological things. On the ground floor, an open space was created by removing the walls. This area is where the laboratories of digital engineering, automotive electronics, industry 4.0 and virtual reality will soon be located. These laboratories are expected to be completed through future ERASMUS projects, some of which are already underway – for instance, equipping the space with a 4-language translation system. The opening of this amphitheater is a very important step towards assuring modern study conditions for future specialists. This classroom, with a capacity of 250 seats, is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which will facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and the development of new skills for our students, said the rector Viorel BOSTAN.

Marcela ADAM, the secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sport and the Media, was delighted to share the joy of this beautiful achievement with the hosts of the event, as well as with her colleagues from the Parliamentary Committee. Having 15 years of experience in teaching in a university, Ms. Adam mentioned that TUM, and FCIM in particular, have a special role in the sustainable development of the country and the consolidation of society as a whole – a fact proven through the performances it registers in national and international university rankings. The Parliament representative considers the inauguration of this amphitheater an important element of TUM’s further progress.

Mr. Iurie ȚURCANU, deputy prime minister for Digitization, congratulated TUM on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. As a graduate of TUM, the Government representative considers this modern and innovative space to be an exceptional achievement, especially for the students: “Congratulations on choosing to study at the most prestigious technical higher education institution in the country. You have extraordinary teachers who continue to promote the values ​​and knowledge that I have once learned, being a graduate of this institution”. The deputy prime minister expressed the appreciation of the Government for the TUM teaching staff and for those who persistently put in work for the prosperity and development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova.

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom, E.S. Steven Mark FISHER, expressed his support in a congratulatory message:

– I am optimistic about the development of this country, and the reason why I am optimistic is because of days like today. The partnership between TUM and AMDARIS has created a new environment, where students and teachers can work together for the benefit of themselves and the country.

On behalf of the National Association of ICT Companies, Ana CHIRIȚA, director for strategic projects ATIC and coordinator at TEKWILL, expressed her delight about being part of the TUM family. Ms. Chirița graduated from FCIM-TUM in 2009 and considers the slogan “I am #TUM!” to be representative of the majority of those who were present at the inauguration. The ATIC director says that the University is a pillar for future employers, and the environment in which students learn is extremely important. One of the main priorities of higher education institutions is the renovation, modernization and technologization of university spaces in which ideas are generated, startups are developed and specialists are trained.  

The event was attended by teachers, students and friends of FCIM-TUM, among whom Mr. Eugeniu COZONAC, director of the Public Property Agency. TUM expresses its sincere gratitude for the offered support.

Andy ROGERS, co-founder and CEO of AMDARIS, and other representatives of the company who attended the event, talked about the initiation of the project idea, the stages of development and the successful completion of the project.

In November 2019, during a dialogue with the co-CEO of AMDARIS – Andrew ROGERS, and the administrator of the local office – Petru HAHEU, the rector of TUM mentioned the importance of the contribution that the company provides in the training  process of young specialists in IT, but also in the development of educational spaces and tools according to IT industry standards. Soon after, TUM and AMDARIS concluded an extended Collaboration Agreement, making AMDARIS one of the strategic partners of TUM.

In February 2021, AMDARIS started the project for the renovation of the 3-3 hall within FCIM-TUM (concept and design – Andrei NASTAS; technical director of TUM – Dorin TROFIMCIUC), this being also a valuable project for the AMDARIS Co-CEO – Vlad NANU. At the inauguration ceremony of the amphitheater, Mr. Nanu mentioned that, previous to being an IT specialist and a manager of a renowned company, he is, first and foremost, a FCIM-TUM graduate. The Technical University of Moldova is where he took his first steps towards becoming an IT engineer. Thus, after opening state-of-the-art centers in Ukraine, Dubai and Bulgaria, the British company would return to the roots of its managers. This is a tribute to teachers, but also to current and future students of FCIM-TUM. It is an investment in human resources, in people, in the future of companies and the IT industry, which is, in fact, the main purpose of AMDARIS.

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