Bachelor-2021. FTP. About professionalism and creativity

This year, the Bachelor’s Examination Committees of the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy have assessed the graduates’ works not only for creativity and originality, but professionalism and practicality as well. 

Given that at FTP the creative process goes hand in hand with the present state of affairs, about 70% of the theses managed to receive the highest score due to the professionalism and evident passion of their authors. The projects are eligible for being applied in the industry, thereby contributing to the development of polygraphy and the light industry within the Republic of Moldova.

Recorded thoughts, aspects and observations in the evaluation process of the FTP Bachelor’s Exam:

  • Proper organization of the exam process: offline – for the DVI and TDCT specialties, and mixed format (online/offline) for the DTP specialty (at University – on 11/06/2021; online – on 10/06/2021, through the Microsoft Teams platform, with access to corporate mail and compliance with the regulations in force).
  • Transparency of the thesis defense process.
  • Usage of professional language in their speech – confirmation of students’ knowledge and affinity with the field.
  • Proper project presentation – coherent, brief and clear delivery of complex, but complete information, presented strictly in the allotted period of time.
  • Addressing recent topics, with tasks relevant to current circumstances.

The members of the Bachelor’s Examination Committee highlighted the following works:

  • Development of aesthetic and constructive solutions for Advent calendars – author: Valeria BABCINSCAIA, gr. DTP-171; supervisor: univ. lect. Lucia ADASCALIŢA;
  • Board games for children, based on national folk tales – author: Cristina ANDREI, gr. DTP-171; supervisor: univ. lect. Lucia ADASCALIŢA;
  • Development of clothing design technologies in the digital fashion era – author: Valentina FRUNZE, gr. DTCT-171; supervisor: assoc. prof., Dr. Marcela IROVAN;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process of clothing within the enterprise ME “Ermo-Grup” SRL, Soroca – author: Marionela DRAGAN, gr. DTCT-171; supervisor: assoc. prof., Dr. Olga SUGAC;
  • Creation of a clothing collection based on the concept of psychological and emotional development of women through different stages of life – author: Ludmila SECHER, gr. DVI-171; supervisor: univ. lect. Alina TOCARCIUC;
  • Development of a collection of clothing prototypes focused on the concept of sustainability with expression through textile textures – author: gr. DVI-171 Ana CARAUŞ, supervisor: univ. lect. Alina TOCARCIUC.

Best regards to our dear graduates of the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy!

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