During the Open Doors Day at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, students of highschools from all around the country had the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of specialties that merge science, technology and art together.

The meeting was attended by several students of the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, who spoke about the various projects and academic mobility programs which FTP students can benefit from and learn through, by discovering new opportunities and experiences. Some of the institutions that have welcomed FTP students throughout the years are Istituto Internazionale Fashion Design & Marketing POLIMODA, Florence and Academia di Belle Arti di Como Aldo Galli, Italy; University of Lisbon, Portugal, University of St. Ambrose, Iowa, USA, University of Oradea, Romania, and others.

The high school students were also greeted by Mrs. Carolina TULGARA, Director of the Center of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies “ZIPhouse”, who came with an extensive presentation on the importance of the Center within FTP.

In pursuance of convincing future candidates to apply to this faculty, the students listed 10 reasons to choose FTP, the final conclusion being: “FTP is the perfect choice for those who want to shine on famed catwalks with their own fashion creations or to see their name on the covers of bestsellers around the world!”.

The TUM students that presented their faculty in front of the high school students were: Mihaela SCRIPNIC, first year student, DTP-201; Valentina FRUNZE, third year student, TDTC-171; Natalia MORARU, fourth year student, IMTEX-171; Ion FRUMUSACHE, Master student, DDP-2O1M; Mihai JANU, DVI 2020 graduate.

The meeting was also attended by the dean, assoc. prof., Dr. Sergiu TRONCIU, the vice-dean for didactic activity, assoc. prof., Dr. Svetlana CANGAȘ; head of the Department of Design and Printing Technology, assoc. prof., Dr. Marcela IROVAN; the heads of the study programs: “Design and Technology of Textile Garments” (TDCT) – assoc. prof., Dr. Olga SUGAC; “Polygraph Design and Technologies” (DVP) – assoc. prof., Dr. Viorica CAZAC; „Industrial Fashion Design” (DVI) – univ, lect., Alina TOCARCIUC; and other study programs: “Applied Decorative Arts” (ADA), “Engineering and management in Light Industry” (IMTex), “Technology and Design of Footwear and Leather Goods” (TDÎAM).

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