Another series of webinars on “Data Management” for Bachelor and Master’s students was completed on April 28, organized with the help of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of TUM, in collaboration with the State University of California, USA, and the San Jose campus of San Jose State University, Department of Computer Engineering. The webinars were led by Gheorghi GUZUN, assoc. prof., Dr. in the field of Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management.

In his closing lecture, Dr. Gheorghi GUZUN has pointed out the main elements of data management activity, which include:

  • Creating, accessing and updating data at a different data level;
  • Storing data in multiple Cloud servers and on-premises;
  • High level of disaster availability and recovery;
  • Using data in an increasingly diverse range of applications, analysis and algorithms;
  • Ensuring the confidentiality and security of data;
  • Archiving and destruction of data according to data retention programs and compliance requirements.

An official data management strategy would address the activity of users and administrators, the capabilities of data management technologies, regulatory requirements and the needs of the organization to derive value from its data.

FET-UTM students and teachers express their sincere gratitude to Dr. Gheorghi GUZUN for the impeccable organization, valuable information and friendly attitude delivered during these workshops. TUM looks forward to continuing this collaboration in the future, for increasing the professional skills and competences of FET students.

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