During the Technical-Scientific Conference of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students, 2021 edition, the subsection “Engineering and Computer Science” had 31 participants – representatives of the departments of Software Engineering and Automatics, Informatics and Systems Engineering, but also a number of partner universities from abroad.

The authors have addressed topics regarding current issues in the field, such as automated control systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, information security, designing specific languages, and the Internet of Things, some of them being : 

  • “Mobile platform operation and control system” (Daniela URECHE, Dumitru DIOCHER, Iulian APOSTOL, Dragoș MURSA, gr. AI-181/182); 
  • “Modeling hybrid sensor networks with dynamic rewriting” (Andrei FURTUNA), 
  • “DSL for graphical representation of mathematical expressions” (Antonela MALII, Nicolae URSU, Dumitru Pușcaș, Bogdan PICIRIGA, Alexandru DANILESCU, gr. FAF-192; advisor: Dr. Irina COJUHARI); 
  • „Automatic Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition using Image Processing” (Marina PETICÎ, Adrian-Mihai COVACI, Ecaterina GHERBOVEI, Maxim VOLOȘENCO); 
  • “Membrane computing structures for the development of systems with cognitive properties” (Dr. Silvia MUNTEANU, Doctoral School of Computer Science, Electronics and Energy; advisor: Associate Professor, Dr. Viorica SUDACEVSCHI), 
  • “Implementation of algorithms for identifying voice commands for real-time control systems” (lecturer Olesea BOROZAN, advisor: Associate Professor, Dr. Victor ABABII); 
  • „Adaptive computing structures for distributed applications” (lecturer Ana ȚURCAN, coordinator: associate professor, dr. Victor ABABII); 
  • „Domain-Specific Language for Generating Floor Plans” (Valentin DOGARI, Alexandru FURDUI, Iana SPIVAC, Dmitri TRUBCA, Iulia VULPE, gr. FAF-192); 
  • “Omnidirectional machines that can perform patient care IoT” (Victoria BELINSCHI, Carina CONSTANTINOVA, Dumitru COVAL, Dacian RUSU).

Sincere congratulations to all participants and their scientific advisors for the effort and the beautiful results obtained!

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