AMDARIS & ATIC: development of the virtual training platform at FCIM-UTM

With the support of the software company Amdaris and the National Association of Companies in the field of ICT – ATIC, a remote learning platform was developed at the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of the Technical University of Moldova, containing three courses in video streaming format, as a result of the transformation of passive digital content (previously used as course materials) in active, remotely accessible content.

It is one of the major objectives set by “Amdaris-Moldova”, the first company that participated in the development of the virtual training platform of FCIM-UTM.

“We decided that we must continue to improve the quality of studies by providing useful teaching materials to students, especially during the period when they are studying remotely. It is a first step towards new possibilities and opportunities to acquire and deepen knowledge at university and we are glad that we are the pioneers of these changes”, says Petru HAHEU, director at “Amdaris-Moldova”.

“Amdaris” has prepared three courses to be placed on the UTM video streaming platform, thus giving students the opportunity to self-train. The video materials contain topics that cover some Microsoft certifications and guide students to obtaining those certifications that would confirm their adherence to the IT environment and give them an extra advantage in the employment process.

The idea and concept of the project gained momentum during the meetings of the ATIC HR & Education Committee. The ATIC management appreciates the contribution of UTM in adapting their courses to the needs of the IT market:

“We are glad that ATIC members show direct involvement in developing the skills of young people in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, we welcome the support of UTM in adapting the courses to the needs of the IT market. We know that there are other members of the association who join this initiative. We are sure that the teaching material offered by Amdaris will be appreciated by the students and will encourage other companies to join this initiative”, mentioned the executive director of ATIC, Marina BZOVÎI.

In November 2019, the Technical University of Moldova and the company “Amdaris” concluded an extended Cooperation Agreement. In this context, the rector of UTM, prof. Viorel BOSTAN, in a dialogue with the representatives of the company “Amdaris” – co-founder and CEO Andrew ROGERS and the administrator of the local office Petru HAHEU, mentioned the important contribution of the company “Amdaris” in training young IT specialists, but also in the development of educational spaces and teaching tools within UTM in the spirit of IT industry standards.

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