The Technical University of Moldova and implicitly the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM) received, on September 17, the visit of the representatives of the Research and Development Center from Iași of the Slovak Cyber ​​Security Solutions Company ESET Iași, Romania ( – Ovidiu Andrei CIUBOTARU, director, and Eugen Alexandru IRIMIEA, software engineer.

The visit took place in the context of the launch of the project “Skilled workforce in the IT sector of Moldova: digital education for young people” (, launched in cooperation with SlovakAid and the European Migration Agency (EMA) which envisages the creation of a Cyber ​​Security Academy. ESET Academy hopes the university administration will create a new center of excellence dedicated to the study and research in the field of cyber security.

During the visit, discussions on the essential milestones of the action plan were conducted, and the space dedicated to the Academy was presented. The project involves the joint development (ESET-UTM) of an ESET cybersecurity and technology course dedicated to FCIM students. UTM is represented in the project by the vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU, the dean of FCIM, associate professor, Dr. Dumitru CIORBĂ (group coordinator), the head of the Center for Research and Innovation in Cybernetics, associate professor, Dr. Viorica SUDACEVSCHI and the head of the program “Information Security”, Rodica BULAI. The course will be uploaded to the virtual study space of the CIM Faculty, ELSE ( and will be accessible by all those interested.

This new field of study could be included in the FCIM plans as an optional course. However, the pilot project will initially involve only fifteen students selected for training, of which five (those who will prove to be the best) will follow an internship at ESET (Iași/Bratislava).

The director of ESET Romania, Mr. Ovidiu Andrei CIUBOTARU, stated that UTM stands out among the universities in the country in terms of cooperation with the private sector. In his turn, the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, stated that attracting new partnerships becomes, indisputably, a key feature of UTM, aiming to encourage young people passionate about IT to pursue their Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at UTM, a university that now offers the opportunity to follow an internship at a top IT company in Slovakia.

Photo: Dorina PANTAZ

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