“The strongest and longest-lived relationship that a man can have is the relationship between himself and the environment, and the way we treat nature will determine our future”, considers the young designer Mihai JANU, graduate of the study program “Industrial Fashion Design” , Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, valedictorian of 2020, UTM. Recently, he launched the “Ocean Beat” collection, drawing attention to ocean water pollution.

Through the ECO concept of the collection, the author wanted to express how vital the ocean ecosystem is to the population of the globe.

“When society instigates solving problems such as ocean water pollution, light industry cannot remain uninvolved. The collection is about the ecological crisis triggered globally, which concerns us all. I decided to use the existing means in clothing design to transpose this tragedy of humanity. We used voluminous shapes and intricate cuts of clothing, with a chromatic scale inspired by the ocean habitat. In order to reproduce the diversity of the ocean ecosystem, we used materials such as flax, silk, film, these being of a special plasticity and dynamic. All the components of the collection have been integrated in an avant-garde styling for a strong visual effect”, stated the young man.

Through his collection, Mihai JANU calls for a civic attitude and fundamental education regarding nature and its laws: “Fashion has always taken an attitude to social, ecological, economic changes, so I consider that the field of visual art is a tool through which we can educate, mobilize and sensitize humanity to solve problems related to aquatic ecosystems. It was not easy to create this collection in the current conditions of the pandemic, but this challenge taught me how important it is to work on issues that pose a danger to humanity.”

At the same time, Mihai wanted to thank the people who supported him and contributed to the creation of this collection – Photographer: Victoria ViPrada, Artbook Designer: Maria Crigan, Curator: Alina Tocarciuc, Evghenii Hudorojcov, the UTM administration and CEADT ZIPHouse.

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