A message of gratitude from FAF students

Some of the most uplifting words of consideration, respect and gratitude came these days from the first year students of the Anglophone Branch “Software Engineering” (FAF) within the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of UTM, who wanted to honor the work and support of their professors.

– Dear teachers! Despite the current situation we are going through right now, we just want you to know that we appreciate you! As freshmen, our first two semesters at University matter quite a lot to us. This first year at UTM has changed our perspective on why we need education and how important it is for our professional development. Although the pandemic moved our classes online in the second semester, we are still incredibly grateful for the continuous effort, support and enthusiasm that you showed while teaching. During this time, we realized that you believe in each and every one of us to have a successful career and future.

This semester was a real challenge for all of us, but regardless of the distance, know that you have an extraordinary impact on our lives! Available to help 24/7, even remotely, you still managed to connect with the students, to get to know them better and to hear them out whenever they need it. You never gave up and did your best to keep us going!

We want you to know that your effort has helped us cope with the isolation! Thank you for the dedication and compassion you have shown during this lockdown! Our special thanks to the administration for organizing incredible events over the past year, the rector of UTM, professor Viorel BOSTAN, who has also taught us higher mathematics, the dean of FCIM, professor Dumitru CIORBĂ, but also the FAF professors – Elena GOGOI, Sergiu CORLAT, Mariana CATRUC, Ionel SANDULEAC, Roman GLUCK, Ilie DERCACI, Elena COJUHARI, Vasile TRONCIU, Silvia ANDRONIC and Dumitru POSTOVAN! Thank you for encouraging us and giving us confidence!

We can’t wait to return to the university auditoriums and offline classes! And to the newcomers that just graduated from high school – the admission candidates of this year – we urge you to confidently choose UTM, FCIM, FAF – because here is where engineers are made. Here is where we are building the Future, together! Thank You!

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