Bachelor’s 2020, FUA. Engineering of Heating and Gas Supply Systems, Ventilation

45 graduates (19 – full time, 26 – part-time) of the 2020 promotion of the study program “Engineering of Heating and Gas Supply Systems, Ventilation”, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, UTM, successfully defended their Bachelor’s theses online, through the Microsoft Teams platform, in compliance with the rules of the Decision of the Extraordinary National Public Health Commission.

The Bachelor Examination Committee, consisting of Dr. Eng. Aurel PATRAȘCU, head of department, National Agency for Energy Regulation (president of the Committee); associate professor, Dr. Eng. Vera GUȚUL, interim head of the Department of Heat, Water, Gas Supply and Environmental Protection, FUA-UTM; associate professor, Dr. Eng. Ion ROTARU; associate professor, Dr. Valentin TONU; secretary of the Committee, Tatiana COLOMIEȚ, confirmed the high level of training of the graduates, who demonstrated their knowledge and skills, abilities to identify and apply high-performance and energy-efficient technical solutions.

The graduates addressed aspects regarding the requirements of the construction regulations in force when designing the facilities concerning the environmental comfort in buildings with different destination, for example, kindergartens, residential complexes, sports complexes, shopping centers, medical institutions, etc.; gas supply for some localities or sectors; rehabilitation of heating systems; thermal energy supply, ventilation and conditioning, the subject matters being topical and of functional importance.

The students of the ISACGV-161 group: Iulia CEBAN, Alexandru PLATON, Ivan CRIȘTALI (coord.: lecturer Serghei PUTIVEŢ), Vladimir NICU (coord.: associate professor, Dr. Vera GUŢUL), Ion LAZAREV, Petru CÎRMAN (coord.: lect., Dr. Eng. Vasile LEU), Denis RUSNAC (coord.: Dr. Valentin TONU) elaborated theses on the use of energy-efficient project solutions.

In her work, “Heating and ventilation of the training center in Vadul lui Vodă”, Iulia CEBAN designed ventilation/air conditioning systems by mechanical discharge and suction with heat recuperator, examining the possibility of using solar installations for hot water supply of the sections of residential blocks.

Alexandru PLATON, in his thesis “Reconstruction of microclimate assurance systems for the sewing workshop in Chișinău”, designed 3 plants of ventilation/air conditioning through discharge-suction, equipped with heat recuperators and air cooling sections with freon. In the research compartment, he examined the possibility of using ground heat exchangers to preheat/cool the outside air before entering the air conditioning unit.

Ivan CRIȘTALI chose the topic “Heating and ventilation of a sports complex in the city of Strășeni”. Given that the pool is provided with the on-call hot air heating system, with the maintenance of the indoor temperature +5ºC, he designed a ventilation system with heat recuperator, paying special attention to heat storage with its subsequent usage during peak hours. In the 5-level administrative building, he designed traditional hot water heating systems and a ventilation system with heat recuperator, but also a super-modular air conditioning system with two outdoor units and 21 indoor units.

Ion LAZAREV, in his thesis “Thermal energy supply of the Chișinău Zoo in connection with the construction of new objectives”, performed the thermotechnical calculation of the constructive, hydraulic and sizing elements of the internal heating system, selected the main scheme of the thermal power plant and dimensioned the equipment and the special calculation program in collaboration with the Municipal Design Institute “Chișinău Project”.

Vladimir NICU proposed solutions regarding “Heating and ventilation of a medical center in the Ciocana sector, Chişinău municipality”. In the operating room and postoperative room, the necessary air parameters are provided by a Clima Tech air conditioning unit, which treats and maintains the indoor air at a temperature of 22°C and the relative humidity of 55%. The boiler provides the following parameters: double filtration, heating, cooling, humidification. The MSZ-EF VE3 interior blocks are equipped with bactericidal filters with silver ions. It is recommended to replace the bactericidal filter once a year.

Denis RUSNAC studied the “Natural gas distribution system of the city of Strășeni and the installation for the use of the Feralumin enterprise”. At the final extremities of the gas network, he designed regulation and measuring stations (SRM) with pressure regulators of model DKR-70. He developed the gas supply system of the company “Feraluminiu” and proposed the technological furnaces for melting aluminum alloys and dimensioned the vortex burner with axial gas inlet.

Interesting theses were also presented by students of the ISACGV-151 group (part-time program): Alexei GORBULEAC, Olga TURTUREANU (coord.: associate professor, Dr. Natalia BEGLEȚ), Marcel URSACHI (coord.: lecturer Oleg CHILARI).

Alexei GORBULEAC researched the topic: “Rehabilitation of the heating system of the “Mihai Eminescu” high school in Comrat”. In his thesis, he developed a real project scheme of the high school and proposed a modern solution for the rehabilitation of the heating system, in accordance with the latest trends in the field. He designed a thermal power plant with ground-to-water heat pumps. Heat pumps store energy stored in soil, air or water and turn it into an environmentally sustainable indoor microclimate for the building. Because they do not burn solid fuels, heat pumps are very environmentally friendly.

Marcel URSACHI researched “Heating and ventilation of the house in Orhei”. In his thesis, he also rehabilitated a laboratory stand – the glass model of the heating system. The stand was put into operation and tests were carried out.

The students were informed about the opportunity to continue their studies for a Master’s Degree – extremely necessary in order to build a successful career. The Department of Heat, Water, Gas Supply and Environmental Protection offers high-level Master’s programs in Engineering of Installations of Microclimate Insurance in Buildings; Management of Sanitary Engineering Systems and Environment Protection.

– Businesses, economic areas, residential complexes, any building has a set of equipment and facilities, the operation of which requires qualified specialists. The graduates of the program “Engineering of Heating and Gas Supply Systems, Ventilation” have ensured a successful career in the field of microclimate insurance installations in buildings, transport, distribution and supply of natural gas; production, distribution and supply of thermal energy; in central and local public authorities; construction organizations, etc., concluded the associate professor, Dr. Vera GUŢUL, interim head, ACAG and PM Department, FUA-UTM.

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