In the presence of an audience made up of UTM professors, academics, correspondent members, scientific researchers from the Academy of Science, the scientific seminar “Nanotechnologies, new multifunctional materials and electronic devices” assisted, on February 12th, 2020, at the first examination of the doctoral thesis of doctoral student Vasile POSTICA with the topic “SENSORY PROPERTIES OF THE HYBRID STRUCTURES BASED ON METAL OXIDES AND THEIR NETWORKS”, the Doctoral School of Computer Science, Electronic and Energy Engineering, specialty 233.01 Nano-microelectronics and optoelectronics; scientific coord.: PhD, prof. Oleg LUPAN.

The president of the seminar – math. phys. PhD, prof. Victor ȘONTEA, vice-president – prof. Vasile TRONCIU, the scientific secretary – PhD in technology, Serghei RAILEAN, noted the exceptional results of the doctoral research, displayed on the covers of several internationally renowned journals, research in the field of nanotechnologies that offers opportunities for generating and developing a new generation of sensors for devices used in the field of ecology and environmental protection. It is known that the effects of air pollution lead to a number of adverse effects: respiratory problems, global warming, acid rain, holes in the ozone layer, affecting the fauna and flora. Also, there was emphasis put on the energy crisis caused by limited natural resources. Thus, there is a need to develop gas sensors and nanosensors and volatile organic compounds for real-time monitoring and rapid warning of gas leaks or of hazardous concentrations.

The purpose of the doctoral thesis is to elaborate the technological processes for the manufacture of ZnO columnar films used as selective materials for ethanol and H2, to identify optimal hybrid structures based on ZnO-MexOy și ZnO-ZnxMeyOz (Me = Fe, Cu, Al, Bi or Sn). for the improvement of the sensory properties (sensitivity and selectivity to ethanol, H2, CH4, CO, NH3), as well as the elucidation of the sensory mechanisms and the physics of the functional nanosystems in order to understand the surface effects and the subsequent improvement of the sensory properties.

The author has published about 90 scientific papers, over 50 articles listed ISI and SCOPUS and obtained a patent. The results were presented at prestigious national and international conferences. The author has the index H 17, exceeding the figure of 1000 citations in the SCOPUS database. The scientific papers reviewed have been published in a number of specialized international journals: Advanced Functional Materials (Impact Factor-3.3), Journal of Materials Chemistry A (IF-10), ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (IF-8.1), Nanoscale (IF-7.2), Sensors and Actuators B (IF-5.7), Physica Status Solidi RRL (IF-3.3), Applied Physics Letters (IF-3.5) etc., and the research results have been selected for the covers of the prestigious international journals Advanced Functional Materials, SMALL Nano Micro and Physica Status Solidi RRL.

The scientific results were partially implemented in the educational and instructive process at the Technical University of Moldova, but also in the elaboration of the Bachelor theses of the students of the Department of Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering, the study program “Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies”.

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