Opened with the support of the Erasmus+ project “Bachelor’s Degree and Professional Master’s Degree in the Development, Administration, Management, Protection of Information Systems and Networks in the enterprises of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Vietnam – LMPI”, the Master’s program “Information Security” within the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics has its first class of 12 Master’s graduates.

Former students of the UTM Bachelor’s program “Information security” (4 of the 12 graduates), from “Computers” (1) or working within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (6) and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova (1), decided to follow a Master’s program to keep up with the latest trends in the field.

At the end of their studies, the graduates confidently state that they have made the right choice, the respective Master’s program within FCIM offering them a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills in Information Security Management, SI Audit, Enterprise Information Security, Advanced Computer Network Security, Security of Electronic Transactions, Cryptanalysis Techniques or Penetration Tests and Operating Systems, Cloud Technologies etc. Among the renowned FCIM professors, there were also international representatives, such as Ferucio Laurențiu Țiplea, prof. at the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” in Iași, Romania, teaching an important and exciting course on Cryptanalysis techniques.

Under the guidance of FCIM teachers, the graduates managed to bring to the Evaluation Commission led by Dr. Igor Cojocaru, the Institute of Information Society Development, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (President of the Commission) dissertation papers in which they investigated and made conclusions on important issues in the field, such as a practical model for managing information risks or analyzing and investigating malicious programs without files, elaborated by students Cristian Agapii and Ecaterina Nemerenco, under the coordination of lect. Victor Beșliu. Master’s graduate Deonis Robu detected the vulnerabilities within a local network, under the guidance of the associate professor, Dr. Victor Moraru. Coordinator Rodica Bulai helped Mihail Napadaica and Daria Stupina to develop a model of security of web applications and solutions for minimizing the risks of social engineering. Constantin Moghilda and Constantin Țurcanu, guided by lect. Alexandru Putere, have proposed security assurance models within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as solutions for processing and analyzing journal files. The graduate Dumitru Tintiuc, with the help of lect. Valeriu Cernei, wrote about blocking and reporting the external attacks of penetration of the Border Police intranet network.

Proud of the high level of preparation demonstrated by the 12 graduates of the first class of Master’s Degree in Information Security, the examiners – prof. Dr., Igor Cojocaru, Dr. Victor Beșliu (chairman and vice-chairman of the Evaluation Commission), as well as the other members of the Commission – associate professor, Dr. Aurel Zgureanu, associate professor, Dr. Victor Moraru, lect. Rodica Bulai, wished the new masters to productively exploit their potential in order to fulfill their greatest dreams.


The LMPI project was implemented with EU support through the Erasmus+ program.

More information about LMPI can be found on and and on the UTM LMPI page / lamps /

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