FCIM: Happiness – a dialogue with robots

The big family of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics has enthusiastically joined the charity action started at the Faculty of Food Technology – “The taste of happiness is in small gestures”.

The FCIM teachers and students offered as many surprises and pleasant moments as possible to the pupils of the special boarding school for hearing impaired children in Hârbovăţ, Călărași.

Greeted by the famous humanoid robot named Frank, who spoke to them in Romanian and showed them that he knows how to dance, do push-ups, locate objects, orient themselves in space and even recognize images or voices, the little guests were extremely impressed with other student projects, which reminded them of science fiction films: robotic arms, mobile cars, which they had the opportunity to direct with the help of mobile phone applications.

At the Microlab Engineering Club, they had the opportunity to see, for the first time, robotic arms with 8 axes of free movement, created on 3D printers (ROBOT FACTORY | MECHATRONIC SYMPHONY project) and to observe the autonomous cars designed and programmed by students within another project of the club – “Autonomous Driving Bootcamp”.

The pupils also loved walking through the UTM Park. A true museum of outdoor technology! Helicopters from the last century, the tram pulled by two horses made of almost a ton of scrap iron, the fountain surrounded by steel sculptures of the 12 zodiac signs, the thinker sculpture – symbol of creative thinking, pieces symbolizing the first inventions of Man, from the ignition of fire through spark. Sample of Moldavian winepress, carved in stone, the first Moldovan tractor launched in 1964. “The lovers’ benches”, meant to become a modern jewel of the Château de la Huardière Castle. Cosmonauts’ Alley, the Planetarium, the Observatory – a park that embodies the story of yesterday and tomorrow.


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