The introduction of the Technical University of Moldova to the external environment means both the internationalization of the academic programs and the curriculum, scientific research and cooperation, as well as the attraction of foreign students to engineering studies in the Republic of Moldova, at UTM.

UTM’s internationalization strategy includes a special plan on international recruitment. The process is expanding from year to year, enrolling 57 foreign students in 2019, compared to the 42 in 2018.

The fact that this process is a fairly viable one indicates that UTM’s efforts to promote engineering studies are internationally recognized, along with a wide range of counseling and guidance activities for adapting international students to UTM. It is about organizing monthly meetings with international students; the involvement in the integration of foreign students of the student organization BEST, member of the European network BEST – Board of European Students of Technology; motivating foreign students to participate in conferences and sports activities; collaborating with Erasmus StudentsNetwork; as well as the organization (usually in April) of a survey on the satisfaction of foreign students – a sustainable proof of the continuous and efficient monitoring of the educational services provided by UTM, which receives positive results every time.

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