Between November 26-29, 2019, a group of professors within the Physics Department –  Ph.D., Ionel SANDULEAC, Ph.D., Silvia ANDRONIC, and lect. Tatiana OLOINIC, visits Italy, invited by the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste.

The agenda of the visit includes participation in various seminars and discussions on common research topics, such as “Thermoelectric and transport properties of nano structures in organic crystals TTT2I3”, “Metal-dielectric transitions of Peierls type in TTT2I3 crystals”, “Dynamics lasers with quantum dots in the synchronization process”.

Also, our teachers had the happy opportunity to visit “Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste”, one of the most important scientific centers in Europe. Being part of the Area Science Park, it is a national research laboratory that aims to combine excellence in scientific research with the technological transfer of know-how. Elettra is specialized in the generation of electromagnetic radiation with synchrotron laser and high quality electrons and its application in materials science. It produces light ranging from ultraviolet to X-rays and can offer researchers 28 beams that cover a wide range of spectroscopes in different fields of scientific research: from chemistry to physics, from materials science to soft matter and biology.

The transfer of our teachers to Trieste is carried out within the framework of the Young Researchers project Nr. 19.80012.02.01F “Investigation of thermoelectric and optical properties of nanostructured materials and molecular systems”, in which the associate professor, Dr. Ionel Sanduleac, has the role of project manager.

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