Aureliu CIOCOI: “Cyber Security is also about diplomacy”

The international dialogue and the exchange of best practices in order to strengthen cyber resilience as an intrinsic component of national security but also the importance of organizing such events in the future were evoked by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Aureliu CIOCOI, in his speech at the opening of the Regional Forum of Cyber ​​Security, during the 7th edition of the event “Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2019”.

“Cyber ​​security is also about diplomacy, when it comes to responding to digital threats. Moldova, being one of the signatories of the Association Agreement with the EU, carefully follows the actions of the European partners in this regard and tries to implement best practices. The trend at regional level in this sphere is to strengthen the legislation and legal norms, abilities and partnerships, and we want Moldova to be part of this process”, declared Foreign Affairs Minister Aureliu CIOCOI.

Mr CIOCOI noted the emergence of the concept of cyber diplomacy, in particular its role in countering threats and ensuring a safe cyberspace. At the same time, the interest of aligning the Republic of Moldova with the regional and international efforts to strengthen the normative framework and institutional capacities was mentioned.

The head of the Moldovan diplomacy underlined the efforts made by the government institutions in the Republic of Moldova to improve the exchange of information between entities and to strengthen the legal framework.

“Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2019” is an event organized by the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service, under the patronage of the Government, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, which brings together experts from the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries on cyber security.

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