Today, at Tekwill, the 7th edition of the Regional Cyber ​​Security Forum “Moldova Cyber ​​Week” has started, organized under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Moldova by the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

At the opening of the forum, Prime Minister Ion Chicu emphasized the importance of the event, stressing that the number of Internet users is growing rapidly, and today there are already over four billion. In this context, cyber attacks on government infrastructure and leaks represent a real danger to national stability and security, both socio-economically and politically.

“Only one country does not have the resources and tools necessary to ensure cyber security. Thus, we must constantly strengthen interinstitutional, regional and, of course, international cooperation. The protection of cyberspace can be efficiently achieved through the collaboration between the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the private sector, which often owns and operates a large part of the infrastructure, civil society and the academic environment”, said the Prime Minister, specifying that, given the speed of progress technologically, prevention measures need to be constantly updated to keep up with new challenges and risks. And for this, cooperation between all the parties involved, including law enforcement, industry, NGOs and research institutions, needs to be stepped up in order to reduce the risk in cyber security.

In his greeting message, the director of the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service, Serghei Popovici, said: “It is very important for all of us to be aware of the things that can happen in the online environment, every day. The cyberspace presents a series of threats that can affect the critical infrastructure of a state, and the information technologies become so unpredictable that they can be easily out of control. This is precisely what we aim to avoid or at least to monitor and control, through the exchange of best practices, through public consultations and through daily improvement.”

With experience in academic research, publications, scientific journals, Alexandre Vautravers, Senior Advisor on Security Strategy and Issues, Security Department, Geneva, Switzerland, referred to the reinvention of cyber security at geopolitical level. The expert believes that we must have a global approach to obtain a local effect, and for the complexity of today’s world, multicultural skills, multidisciplinary approaches and a strategic vision are needed.

The forum brings together over 400 cybersecurity specialists, working in globally recognized IT companies such as “Microsoft”, “Cisco”, “Oracle”, “Kaspersky”, “Bitdefender”, “Huawei” etc. During the discussion sessions, the participants intend to approach topics on cyber diplomacy, reinventing cyber security at geopolitical level, trends, perspectives and forecasts in this area, but also good practices regarding the implementation of cyber security policies of Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine.

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