Today, November 9th, UTM researchers, guided by the rector Viorel BOSTAN, the vice-rector for Research and Doctorate, prof. Mircea BERNIC, the head of the Career Guidance Center (CEGHID), Radu MELNIC, accompanied by a numerous didactic-scientific staff, exhibited their latest innovations at the National Museum of History, which has transformed into a true temple of science.

Through their exhibits, UTM researchers made a step forward in making science more accessible, the scientific process more inclusive, and the scientific results more available. This event, organized on the Science Day, had the slogan: “There is no magic! Everything is Science”, to which we add: Engineers create the Future!

The International Day of Science for Peace and Development is celebrated in accordance with the decision of the General Conference of UNESCO of November 2nd, 2001 and the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, no. 1083 of November 22nd, 2010 “On the establishment of the celebration of workers in the field of science and innovation – Science Day”, being marked for the first time worldwide on November 10th, 2002, under the auspices of UNESCO.

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