The Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics received a visit from a dear guest – Nistor GROZAVU, FCIM graduate, currently associate professor in Computer Science at Institut Galilée, Paris 13 University.

This much-desired visit by both parties was facilitated by the scientific seminar on “Machine Learning and Applications – introduction to ML, research directions in the field”, organized by FCIM. As the theme of the seminar was tailored precisely to the scientific concerns of the guest-graduate, he captivated the students with an inspiring speech about this method of study and analysis of data that automates the construction of analytical models – ML, but also modern approaches in the research on the topic and the advantageous prospects of applications in the given field.

Machine Learning is actually a branch of Artificial Intelligence, based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. A topic he himself loved and studied first at FCIM-UTM Francophone Branch, supporting his Bachelor thesis in the field of artificial intelligence (2005), then at the Mediterranean University “Aix-Marseille 2”, where he continued his studies as a Master’s student of the AUF, winning a competition announced by the Agency of Francophone Universities. After that he dedicated his research to this topic in particular during his doctoral studies at the University “Paris-13”, in the Computer Science Laboratory, under the scientific guidance of prof. dr. Younès BENNANI. In December 2009 he defended his doctoral thesis: “Classification Topologique pondérée: approches modulaires, hybrides et collaboratives” (“Weighted topological classification: modular and hybrid modular applications”) – a work on manipulating databases to extract new knowledge from video images, numerical or of another order. For his research, he used a database consisting of 20 thousand photos from the Internet. Carrying out the topic of his Bachelor thesis, he extracted the required data with the help of the computer – by artificial intelligence method, developing a visual information system called suggestively – “Infomagic”, which he later patented as an invention.

Following the doctoral thesis, he was offered positions in five universities, but he chose to stay at “Paris-13”, where he received his doctorate. Today, he is a university professor-researcher in Paris. A remarkable success for both him and FCIM, for UTM, to which the graduate, today – a renowned teacher, returns with gratitude

I thank the colleagues from the Technical University of Moldova, in particular the dean of FCIM, associate professor, dr. Dumitru Ciorbă, for the invitation to this seminar, but also for the opportunity to see Alma Mater. I had a great pleasure seeing my colleagues and former teachers again!”, stated Nistor GROZAVU, FCIM graduate, now a teacher in Paris.

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