Held for the first time in Chișinău, the Days of the Academy of Technical Sciences in Romania, bringing together scientific researchers and engineers from both sides of the Prut, aim to sensitize society to the idea of the role that creativity plays in perpetuating human civilization. A meritorious example in this regard is represented by acad. Ion BOSTAN, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday.

In his greeting message, the president of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, Mihai MIHĂIȚĂ, stressed that the event confirms the close collaboration between scientists on both sides of the Prut: “For me and for all the colleagues from ASTR, it is a joyful opportunity to organize, in Chișinău, together with the Technical University of Moldova and the ASTR branch of Chișinău, the traditional manifestation of the elite of the Romanian engineering community. Engineers on both sides of the Prut present analyses and solutions to some problems of the present, our common desire being to bring our knowledge to the service of causes truly worthy of the contribution of authentic science.

The idea of ​​collaboration and mutual support of the researchers and engineers of both countries was also emphasized by the rector of UTM: “We are honored to see many friends of the Technical University of Moldova in the room, rectors and professors of different universities in the Republic of Moldova, but also of the technical universities in Romania, who for more than two decades have been with us during the difficult moments for engineering and technical education in the Republic of Moldova. In this conference we will discuss important issues for engineering, as without engineering there can be no development. And if we want to build a modern society, based on knowledge and innovations, the engineer must stand at the head of the table. For us it is very important to integrate ourselves in the European research area and it is a natural thing to do this alongside engineers and scientists from Romania.

President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, acad. Ion TIGHINEANU, expressed his gratitude to the Romanian scientific researchers and engineers for their support in the development of science in the Republic of Moldova: “This collaboration has helped and helps us in the process of integrating our science work into the European research space. I think that this collaboration is good for us and we must develop it.

The Secretary of State in the field of research at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Dr. Elena BELEI, mentioned in the context: “We are enjoying a unique moment when a university (UTM) attracts two academies – ASTR and ASM. In recent years, UTM has achieved an unspeakable performance. Soon we will witness the goal of having over 10 thousand students achieved. At the Technical University of Moldova we talk about the Present and the Future. A very beautiful connection between the Present and the Future is the synergy of the two great pillars of the UTM – the academic Ion BOSTAN and prof. Viorel BOSTAN, whose results are seen and appreciated by a whole country, but also by our partners over Prut and the whole European community. It is an example to follow between the classical academic and university environment, towards which we tend to lead the whole country.

At the conference, the academic Ion BOSTAN, was awarded the Excellence Award from the General Association of Engineers of Romania and the “Primus Inter Pares” medal of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania in appreciation of his research activity. Ion BOSTAN said that he will continue to dedicate himself to the research: “From my perspective, I have been in the position of a rector for too long – many projects have been accumulated that I hope to accomplish after my 70 years.

With honors and diplomas from the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania were awarded prof. Rodica STURZA, dr. Carsten DREBENSTEDT, dr. Pavel Alexei TOPALĂ, dr. Oleg LUPAN.

An important aspect of the International Conference THE DAYS OF THE ACADEMY OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES IN ROMANIA 2019, the 14th edition was the opening of a large exhibition of didactic-scientific book published over the years by the acad. Ion Bostan, organized by the Technical-Scientific Library of UTM.

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