The Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics has inaugurated a new space for seminars and laboratories – room 3-110, after a capital renovation and ultra-modern refurbishment.

It is the merit of an old and devoted FCIM partner – Allied Testing company. Opened for the first time in 2007, the joint laboratory “Allied Testing – UTM” of FCIM has now been equipped, after renovation, with 15 computers and ultramodern monitors, but also a design/drawing screen, unique in Moldova, in which the teacher can display the projected image along with his hand- written notes. The interior design of the laboratory was developed by a UTM graduate

“For over 10 years we have been working with the Technical University of Moldova to share our experience and to help prepare future experts in the field. Today, together with the FCIM students and professors, the rector Viorel Bostan and the dean Dumitru Ciorbă, we have the honor to share the joy of the relaunch of the renovated space for seminars and laboratories. I can’t wait for this space to be used for the benefit of UTM and its students! ” declared Eugen Galamaga, the director of Allied Testing – Moldova, at the inaugural festival. 

The idea of ​​renovating the laboratory belongs to the company, which has proposed to come up with a change both in terms of equipping the laboratory and in the teaching process, in which it has been involved for many years. Thus, in addition to the ordinary courses of the faculty, the internationally renowned specialists within the company will also teach optional courses on software application testing – the core activity of Allied Testing. The involvement of Allied Testing specialists as mentors within the PBL initiative and in the FCIM license commissions has already become a tradition. More recently, last year, Allied Testing set out to coordinate a specialized course, in which its specialists and experts familiarize students with the recent implementations and perspective projects of the company.

During the inauguration of the new laboratory, Viorel Bostan, the rector of UTM, Dumitru Ciorbă, the dean of FCIM, as well as the heads of departments and the heads of program, expressed sincere thanks to Allied Testing for the long-term partnership, the unconditional support in organizing and conducting different events and scientific competitions, for the University’s accession to the Microsoft Imagine program and other very important things for a technical higher education institution – the Technical University of Moldova.

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