TUM vice-rector, Dinu ȚURCANU – “Champion of Change, 2021”

A premiere for the Republic of Moldova: On September 22, at the third edition of the “Champions of Change 2021” Gala, 15 people were awarded the title of “Champions of Change”.

For three years now, the Laboratory of Initiatives for Development (LID Moldova), supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, has been implementing the Champions of Change project – an initiative which aims to bring attention to remarkable success stories and the people behind them.

“The leaders of change are the people who inspire and change the society”, said Raimar WAGNER, director of the Office of Romania and the Republic of Moldova of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. “Champions of Change is about the people who bring change to the Republic of Moldova”, considers Igor CIUREA, President of LID Moldova. As a result of the public competition launched by LID Moldova, the committee selected 15 people – citizens of the Republic of Moldova – who managed to set new standards in their field of activity, and which, in the opinion of the judges, deserve the title of Champions of Change in the Champions of Change 2021 Gala.

Among the 15 laureates of this year is the TUM representative Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, who was awarded for the activities he promotes in the field of digitalization and continuous improvement of the educational system through implementing ICT tools and innovative solutions.

“The title of Champion of Change and the award received at this year’s Gala is the highest distinction and honorary title I have ever obtained. The awarding of this trophy by Wagner Raimar – the director of the Office of Romania and the Republic of Moldova within the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – is an incredible honor, but also a huge responsibility. I feel truly helpful to our society and I promise that I will continue to work hard to make this country #Digitalized and will improve the quality of the education system, so that young people continue pursuing their education at home, in the Republic of Moldova. I am proud to be part of this Gala which, as mentioned by my good friend, Victor GUZUN – is the only event in which the awards don’t go to politicians”, pointed out Dinu ȚURCANU during the event.

Dear vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU, the academic community of TUM congratulates you on the occasion of this nomination and expresses its appreciation for the assistance brought to TUM in climbing up within prestigious international charts and to be recognized worldwide! We wish you good health, an endlessly creative spirit and motivation to continue to build a modern, innovative and technological university!

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