UTM has launched the IntelWastes cross-border cooperation project

The Technical University of Moldova (UTM), in partnership with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” in Iași, launched the cross-border project IntelWastes – “Smart management of industrial waste”, financed by the European Union through the program “Cross Border Cooperation Romania – Republic of Moldova 2014-2020”.

During the launch event, the project coordinator, Dr. Rodica STURZA, mentioned that the project aims to strengthen the research and innovation capacities of universities through a sustainable cross-border cooperation for the efficient use of industrial agri-food waste, obtained from the processing of grapes, fruits and vegetables.

In this context, the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Igor ȘAROV, welcomed the involvement of the Technical University of Moldova in this important cross-border project, emphasizing that the scientific field must come up with solutions to improve the quality of life.

Referring to the cross-border impact of the project, the rector of UTM, prof. Viorel BOSTAN, mentioned that it consists in the formation of joint research-innovation teams with complementary skills in solving general problems – management of industrial agri-food waste, which will contribute to the creation of the database of primary processing companies of grapes, fruits and vegetables in The Republic of Moldova and the cross-border area of ​​Romania; elaboration of the Guide of Good Practices for the intelligent use of industrial agri-food waste; equipping laboratories within UTM and UASVM with specialized equipment.

In her further presentation of the project, Rodica STURZA stressed that IntelWastes envisages research and innovation in the field of intelligent management of industrial waste obtained from the processing of grapes, fruits and vegetables, as well as reducing the impact of this waste on the environment, improving quality of life and economic development in the Republic of Moldova and the cross-border area of ​​Romania. Among the opportunities of the project, Ms Sturza highlighted the development of technologies for the recovery of bioactive components from industrial agri-food waste (polyphenols, carotenoids) with subsequent application in the food industry; the development of technology for the production of natural sorbents, usable for water purification from solid fractions of industrial agri-food waste.

In the context of the ideas presented, Minister Igor ŞAROV summarized that the IntelWastes Project is in perfect compliance with the MECC policies in the field regarding the impact of the results of research and innovation on the business environment and society as a whole. „The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research appreciates the relevance and topicality of the project theme: the efficient use of industrial agri-food waste, obtained from the processing of grapes, fruits and vegetables, and we mention that the National Program for Research and Innovation aims to ensure the optimal conditions for generating new knowledge obtained based on fundamental and applied research and their implementation in order to increase the competitiveness of the national economy and the general level of welfare”, said Minister Igor ŞAROV.

The bilateral Strategic Partnership was launched on April 27, 2010, by signing the Joint Declaration on the establishment of a Strategic Partnership between the Republic of Moldova and Romania for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

Photo: Dorina PANTAZ

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