At the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, public hearings are taking place on the results obtained in the research and innovation projects, financed from the state budget, in institutional projects and some bilateral projects for young researchers, carried out in 2019. A directive in this regard was approved in 2018 by the ANCD in coordination with the AȘM, taking into account the subsequent changes on the evaluation criteria.

At the inauguration of the hearings, the president of AȘM, acad. Ion TIGHINEANU, congratulated the project managers regarding the opportunity to present the results of their one-year work, pointing out that the allocation of resources for institutional support is already finalized and the situation regarding the financing of very important issues through state orders is being analyzed.

According to the graph, on the first day of the hearings, on February 24th, the researchers of the Technical University of Moldova presented the results obtained in the following research projects:

15.817.02.23F. Mathematical modeling of the behavior of construction materials: from structure to macroproperties (dr. Vasile MARINA);

15.817.02.28A. Models, methods and interfaces for the management and optimization of intelligent manufacturing systems (dr. Sergiu ZAPOROJAN);

15.817.02.21F. Research and implementation of a sustainable e-learning system (dr. Petru TODOS); Reduction of contamination of raw materials and food with pathogenic microorganisms (dr. Rodica STURZA).

In the following days, the UTM researchers will present their reports as follows – on February 26th, 2020 (Azurie Hall, 2pm):

15.817.02.22F. Thermoelectric and optical properties of nanostructured materials and quantum dot devices (dr. Anatolie CASIAN);

15.817.02.29A. Multifunctional nanomaterials and nanoelectronic devices based on nitrides, oxides and chalcogens for biomedicine (dr. Eduard MONAICO);

15.817.02.32A. Study of semiconductor materials and elaboration of micro-optoelectronic devices for advanced applications (dr. Hab. Nicolae SÎRBU);

15.817.02.31A. Elaboration of the technologies for obtaining and manufacturing machinery for the insulated nanowire and the multithread microcable from conductive, resistive and ferromagnetic materials (m.c. Sergiu DIMITRACHI);

19.80012.50.03A. Development of surfaces with controlled degree of hydrophobicity due to nanomicrostructuring (dr. Fiodor BRANIȘTE);

19.80012.50.04A. The effect of functionalization with Pd and PdO2 nanopunctions of CuO/Cu2O films for explosive and volatile gas sensors (dr. Vasilii CREȚU);

19.80012.02.01F. Investigation of thermoelectric and optical properties of nanostructured materials and molecular systems (dr. Ionel SANDULEAC).

On February 27th, 2020 (Azurie Hall, 2pm):

15.817.02.33A. Research on ensuring the harmlessness and multifunctionality of food packaging in order to increase the viable food security and safety in the European economic context (dr. Viorica CAZAC);

15.817.02.30A. Methodological and technical elaborations for the modernization of nuts processing technology (Juglans regia L.) with the use of biologically active components in functional foods (dr. Pavel TATAROV);

19.80012.51.09A Functional products obtained by capitalizing on natural texturing and carotenoid agents (dr. Tatiana CAPCANARI).

On February 28th, 2020 (Small Hall, 9:00 am):

18.80012.51.30A. Establishing the criteria for traceability of wines obtained from indigenous grape varieties (dr. Ecaterina COVACI).

On February 28th, 2020 (Azurie Room, 2pm):

15.817.02.20F. Precessional planetary transmissions of power and kinematics: constructive development, industrial manufacturing technologies and new materials (acad. Ion BOSTAN); Increasing the efficiency of the dehydration processes of the plant products using the non-traditional methods of the energy share (dr. Mircea BERNIC);

15.817.03.01A. Towards an energy autonomy of the Republic of Moldova – AUTOEN (dr. Ion STRATAN);

19.80012.50.14A. Computerized mathematical simulation of transfer phenomena in wet plant products through microwave treating (dr. Marin GUȚU).

The public hearings are transmitted online on, thus ensuring the transparency of this important action.

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