Prime Minister Ion CHICU visits UTM

Prime Minister Ion CHICU visited the Technical University of Moldova where he met the students and teachers.

The head of the Executive branch mentioned that the engineering specialties are increasingly in demand and urged the young people to dedicate themselves to studies. The Prime Minister spoke about the Government’s investment program for 2020-2023 and said that the need for engineering skills will increase substantially.

“I am firmly convinced that the technical education and the chances of restoring the economy of the country are in close connection. For the Republic of Moldova to move forward, we need to work together, because you are the future” said the Prime Minister.

The Government will support the UTM institutional development projects and will increase investments in education, in order to better the quality and comfort of the educational process, therefore – the quality of the studies.

The prime minister was convinced that the industrialization of the national economy is the solution to stop the mass departure of people and assure sustainable economic growth, noting that through the industrialization of the national economy, Moldova will be included in the regional and global economic chains.

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